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Thread: Intro to BO2

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    Intro to BO2

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but when Kain encounters Marcus, Marcus says that Kain tried to kill him before the battle with the Sarafan Lord but failed. Due to that Marcus went into hiding and then after Kains defeat, he made a deal with the SL
    if this is so, then why is Marcus standing next to Kain in the intro in the battle?

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    It isn't Marcus, it's Magnus in the opening FMV. Magnus served as Kain's top ranking general before Kain fell to the Sarafan Lord and Magnus was ultimately captured and imprisoned.
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    I'm not so sure about that... Are we talking about the same vampire?

    a74gh83, You're referring to the vampire by Kain's side immediately before he directs his army into battle, right?

    Personally, I'd say the vampire is Marcus, going on looks alone. However, the established events discussed in 'The Upper City' seem to make that impossible.

    We know Kain tried to murder Marcus and failed. It is implied strongly that he was unaware if Marcus had survived or not. At first I thought Kain might have attacked Marcus intentionally during the battle, prior to facing the Sarafan Lord. That would explain Marcus's presence in the intro, but it is disproved fairly well by the dialogue.

    You feared my growing powers. You knew they would one day surpass yours. Is that why you begged me to fight at your side when you waged war on Nosgoth?

    Begged?I never begged!

    In your arrogance, you presumed me dead. But I was stronger than you knew. I crawled from my haven and fled into hiding.
    I read haven to mean his fortress or main place of residence. This interpretation means Kain couldn't have wounded him on the battlefield, the the event must have taken place a while before Kain's defeat.

    Also, I really don't think the vampire can be Magnus, although his pre-mutilated appearance has never been revealed.

    You left my camp in the night to join with my enemy, like all the others.

    Sire, no. I wanted only to serve you. I thought, in my pride, I would strike a blow that would end the war. I went to kill the Sarafan Lord, alone. I was your champion.

    You never returned.
    Kain accused Magnus of betraying him to the Sarafan Lord. If Magnus was the vampire by his side in the final battle, why would he have that opinion? No, Magnus was already out of the picture by then, defeated by the Sarafan Lord, and possibly already in the Eternal Prison.

    My bet... well, possibly Marcus had an identical twin brother ( Hey, it could happen! )... or someone messed up somewhere along the line.
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    I don't think that is Marcus in the intro. Maybe when the animators were putting the intro together, they needed some character models and instead of making new ones, they used ones they already had? Maybe they were short on time or hadn't ironed out the story completely yet. That would make it an oops!

    My impression from Kain's dialog with Marcus is that Kain went to him to ask him to join Kain's cause. When Marcus refused... Kain then tried to kill him. That behaviour on Kain's part is definately in character for him, especially after seeing how he deals with others that aren't on his side, or allied directly with him. Especially powerful individuals. (He seems to universally see these individuals as "traitors" who are betraying him. ) Rather than risk a future threat from someone, he eliminates them. Kind of an old fashioned case of "survival of the fittest" maybe. This would also explain why Vorador and the Cabal don't seem to survive to be a part of Kain's Empire, certainly at the time of SR1. Vorador and Umah were right - the Cabal should never have trusted Kain, hehe. But that's my opinion anyway.

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