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A wrods from a true fan ~

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    A words from a true fan ~

    Her name is Salarta

    Twitter Account : @salarta

    Its My duty to publish it only in order to have her voice heard .. So I hope that you accept criticism with an open mind .

    " 3rd Birthday is made noncanon with a new game that treats Aya Brea respectfully.

    Games like 3rd Birthday and FFX-2 were incredibly disrespectful toward the characters and fictional worlds they inhabited in their prior games. In each, those characters' personalities were completely thrown out to stuff them with whatever wet dreams the writer and/or director had in mind, and characters said and did things that past games suggested they would never EVER do.

    Such disrespect for the past speaks very poorly of the company and the people with power at the company. Even if a writer or director hates a character or hates the project they're on, that gives them no right to ruin characters by ripping out everything about those characters and stuffing them with everything they were never meant to be. The people with creative power at Squeenix are supposed to be professionals. Professionals are supposed to be able to act professional and do the best they can in respect to what they're working with and toward their fans. If they can't be professional, they shouldn't be in the business at all.

    So until at least 3rd Birthday's damage is repaired with a new game, none of this matters. They have to be professional enough to treat already existing characters with respect before I'll ever trust them with my money, and the only way they'll ever do that is by admitting they did wrong to those IPs and making up for it. Besides, treating old characters poorly and refusing to fix the damage is suggestive that 5-10 years from now, their current new characters will get treated the exact same way.

    To that effect, I answered the survey on the Agni's Philosophy site. I truthfully answered in the top ratings, because it did look good and it did make me interested in the character. But in the comments, I noted that none of it will matter until they at the very least undo 3rd Birthday. There are several games that treated old IPs terribly, but how thoroughly Parasite Eve and Aya Brea were savaged and insulted makes 3rd Birthday symbolic of everything that's been wrong with Squeenix. Ignoring those problems does not rectify them any more than pretending a lock isn't broken would make it not broken anymore.

    I understand mentioning 3rd Birthday so much, even in this case, may seem overly obsessive or unnecessary, but for me it really is the most glaring issue with the company. I recognize that it would be inappropriate of me to actually state it everywhere, but I see 3rd Birthday as symbolic of everything wrong with the company. It casts a dark shadow on anything they release. It's become something of a sign to me that deep down, they really don't respect their IPs or history, don't respect their fans, they're just in it to trick money out of people. 3rd Birthday is bad in and of itself, but it says a lot about the company itself that they aren't willing to fix it.

    So it may get grating to see me talk about it over and over, and for that I'm sorry if it really upsets you or anyone else. But it's also a big deal to me as someone who used to absolutely adore everything Squaresoft, and who spent the past decade watching it get worse and worse. And I always approach these figuring that my comments can be ignored if a person doesn't like it, just like I have to live with it if someone talked incessantly about 3rd Birthday being great even though I think it's horrible.

    I never realized that connections that seem obvious to me may be way too obscure without me elaborating. Maybe I take for granted that I look at this stuff a lot, have followed Squaresoft's activities since childhood, and have seen them change so much from their former greatness to where they are today, so I just see these things right away.

    Regardless of the medium, budget or even the writer or director's own interest, that fictional world and those characters mean something to their fans. "It's just a game," but it still stands for something more. Think about Superman or Batman and how they affect kids as icons of good. They have value, and meaning. When you get involved in fiction, you're putting some kind of emotional stake in it even if you don't realize it, and even if there's no story at all.

    This is why 3rd Birthday is such a big deal to me. Everything about it showed disrespect toward the value of that fiction, and toward the thoughts and feelings fans had for it. It also showed a gross abuse of creative power, and yes, I do realize that sounds stupid referring to fiction, but it's still accurate. To me, 3rd Birthday was the absolute worst example to date Squeenix has ever created of all these problems, which is why I have brought it up so often. It's THE example, the very definition of what not to do. Video games should be made to please the consumer and honor and respect what came before. If everything about a sequel or spinoff would be an insult to the original, forced in only to use the name brand to sell more copies, then it should be a brand new IP.

    This is also why 3rd Birthday is a game I think needs to be rectified before Squeenix can or should be taken seriously again as a company dealing with creative intellectual properties. They need to show they have enough class and respect for their past and their consumers that they are willing to openly admit when they've done something wrong and fix it. And before anyone mentions FF13 or FF14, those don't count because by all appearances, Squeenix only fixed those because they knew they needed to at least look like they care if they wanted to keep people coming back. 3rd Birthday is a more accurate reflection of how they operate: "We messed up that character and series, but since it looks like that screw-up won't seriously hurt our bottom line, we'll just ignore it and never fix it."

    Everything I've seen about the company lately in terms of its corporate culture has been bad, and it's leaked out with some of their recent games. From lying about the contents of a game to making excuses for leaving out certain elements, there's not much about them I can respect aside from their technical capabilities.

    For me, a company that makes games that are less spectacular in the technical arena, but made with heart and love and good will, mean infinitely more than companies that are entirely soulless but good in a robotic way. I'll pay for and support good intentions executed poorly long before bad intentions executed well.

    I've felt lately that Squeenix is trying to get themselves back in order after comments made by Wada last year, and I figured at the time that it was a mix of FF13, FF14 and 3rd Birthday issues. I try to tell myself sometimes that perhaps Squeenix will try to fix it some day since they haven't said anything about Parasite Eve or Aya Brea since then, despite calling it their next big returning franchise during E3 2010.

    I guess part of what keeps fueling me to comment on it is because of two reasons. One, it still deeply frustrates me that Squeenix would make a game like that and not at least apologize for it. They were quick to try and fix FF14 and FF13, yet they're completely ignoring all they did wrong with 3rd Birthday, seemingly because they figure so few people care that they can get away with it.

    But second, I dread that if I don't talk about it, how badly the company treated Parasite Eve and Aya through 3rd Birthday will be forgotten. That instead of Squeenix coming back to it and fixing it when ready, it'll sit there, defining "Aya" in the minds of people that never played the prior games, and Squeenix will never be taken to account for it. I don't want to see 3rd Birthday go the same way as FFX-2, where the company allows it to remain canon despite everything wrong with it. I want to see 3rd Birthday undone. I don't see that happening if everyone lets them off the hook. What I expect is ten years from now, people will talk about Aya as if she was a terrible character because they only knew her from 3rd Birthday.

    It seems like a lot of people, by simply complaining about me complaining, will at least remember 3rd Birthday and all the things it did to what was a great character and franchise. I'm just disappointed that it seems to stop there... that we'll likely never get Parasite Eve 3 with the real Aya Brea, and the last thing anyone will remember of her is 3rd Birthday's misconception of her. "

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    "...Games like 3rd Birthday and FFX-2 were incredibly disrespectful toward the characters and fictional worlds they inhabited in their prior games..."

    You may think so but I don't.

    To each, their own.
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    I like how the article writer thinks he/she represents the entire fanbase. There are a lot of people who enjoyed X-2 and T3B including myself. Yes they are different from the previous games, but that doesn't mean they suck.

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    I can be grateful that Square decided to give us a Parasite Eve game 10 years after the last where the gaming market and the industry as a whole is totally different than when it was in the PS1 days.

    However, I wish that the end result wasn't so anti-climactic. It was like VP2 all over again except people noticed this time. I don't think that this spin-off is so bad it should be "delisted." (A term Sega used to say 'we don't care about this game anymore'.) What's done is done. If Square Enix cares enough to bring us another PE game, be it a main series or another spin-off, then I do hope that take the fans feelings towards Aya into consideration.

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    The 3rd Birthday IS Parasite Eve 3 and IS a canonical game in the series. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the game's plot or storyline that should exempt it from that standing.

    What IS a problem is that it was delivered late in the life of a handheld system that didn't gain proper traction. It should have been a console title and it should have been made clearer that it was Parasite Eve 3 to people who didn't know. There were licensing issues involved with the name Parasite Eve that couldn't be resolved.

    So far, none of the PE games have settled on a gameplay style - something I find absolutely refreshing. As someone who pre-ordered the original games from Funcoland back in the day, I was always excited by the story, then pleasantly surprised by the gameplay. If you want RE clones for all time, please exit, and don't ever return.

    Whatever they decide to do with PE4 will be good, maybe even great, so long as the story remains complex and open to multiple interpretations, and the gameplay suits Aya's evolutionary state. Beyond this, it's open season.

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    Please focus on constructive criticism about the game, and not the fans, Unlimax_SE. Personal attacks do not belong on this forum.

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    Instead of telling me what should i edit in my comment you delete the whole comment D:
    Grimoire i don't understand your logic , don't you accept criticism with open mind when it comes to games like this ?
    MrWindblade literally shaded my last comment and i have the right to respond to him the way i should !
    If you consider this personal attack then what should i do about it , you don't have to be aggressive or sensitive about it if a user like "MrWindblade" came out of nowhere in the forums to post this comment without reading
    Don't you as a mod take situations like this with a grain of salt , And why would you delete my recent comment from other thread :\
    Grimoire , please think twice before doing any action to any user .. this was not professional from you to do that
    Now i don't want to talk about others bias if that their case to silence others .