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I never telled you

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    Startopiafrance Guest

    I never telled you

    you all know, Startopia is a funny game.
    But the french version is most funny. What is most funny? Names!

    You will see, it's interesting.

    I can tell you many names I can translate :
    energy collector > watt-o-matic
    power booster > gégen-o-matic
    berth > dorm-a-touar
    dine-o-mat > manj-a-touar
    recharger > recharg-o-matic
    lavotron > lav-a-touar
    love nest > jubil-a-touar
    disco > disk-o-tek
    viewing gallery > panoram-a-touar
    cargo > karg-o-matic
    port > sas
    laboratory > labor-a-touar
    fighting pit > bâston-a-touar
    gem slug > molass polvakien
    salthog > pourceau groulien
    siren > syraine
    sec.column > mir-a-dor
    shops and stores > boutik-a- [zik,tou,ordi,jeu]
    spawn > macrolarv
    memau > memau
    biodeck > petikoindenatur
    brig > tôl-a-touar
    VAL > assistant Virtuel ArtificieL
    frostarian snapper > attrapemouche
    sick bay > soign-a-touar

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    That's ammusing with VAL. It works in English: Virtual Artificial Lifeform, but they had to make a cop-out with other languages.

    What does -a-touar mean?

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    -a-touar is the Startopia terminaison for the french -atoire : laboratoire, observatoire; or English -atory : laboratory, observatory

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    Does that mean the English translation of the French translation of the English original is:

    Jail-atory (Brig)
    Combat-atory (Fighting Pit)
    Panoram-atory (Viewing Gallery)

    I like it!

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    and now uou can listen the french version... I recorded a party!!!

    88 minutes for 25 Mb,

    The wav file is 850 Mb!!!!!

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    no reaction?

    So, I will kill this file from my FTP.

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    Hand- E- Food > You can modify the names of the rooms.


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    Antique store = Ye Moderne Shope