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    Question Lifeguard Shifts

    How do you cover a lifeguard station for more than 10 hours?

    How big is the area covered by a lifeguard station?

    I have discovered drowning people, but can't find an "on-duty" lifeguard to send to them. I have varied the shifts, but still the guards seem to be goofing off somewhere.

    Is there some sort of "technique" to overcome the coverage problem when you have to have a separate station for every lifeguard and you can not change the hours the beach is open (at least automatically)??

    Thank you.

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    Leave your lifeguards working day shifts (7-17) and on completion of their shift, click on the lifeguard towers and close the beaches. This will stop people from swimming after hours and drowning. Just remember to re-open them the next day.

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    Thank you Xena - that's a good solution. And you answer my question - there is no automatic way to do it.

    I have since found that the life guards can't see the sharks.

    I have also found that there is some magic distance where lifeguard stations (but not the guards) act in unison. I would close one, and other nearby ones would also close.

    Do you or someone know what this distance is?

    Thanks again.

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    The distance that I figured out is, that as long as its part of the same beach, As in both lifeguard towers are on the same set of beach that it will close together when you close on. I hope you understand


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    Hey Nate,

    Thanks. I'm glad someone confirmed that. I was begining to suspect so.

    I've also discovered that you can see the sharks (as little white dots) in the little locator window in the upper left. So you can leave it open (I usually don't) and react fairly fast without constantly watching the sea.

    Thanks again!

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    Change time

    Change the start shift to 10am as the people normally start swimming after 9am, by 10am the sea will be a bit crowded and thats why the lifeguard comes in.

    For busy beaches, put two towers with the same shift or u may wish to put one tower starting from 10am and the other one from 9am... BINGO