Thread: Forum Manners - A Reminder

Forum Manners - A Reminder

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    When posting on this forum, or any other part of the Square Enix website, always make sure to keep the [rules] in mind.

    This place is for everyone to enjoy, may it be loyal fans, newcomers or staff. Thus, it is important that you all do your share to keep the conversations constructive and polite and that you show respect and consideration to other users.

    Feedback is always welcome and never goes unnoticed, so try making your discussions as productive as possible. Complaining does not improve the standards, while new ideas, suggestions and exciting thoughts certainly do.

    If there is a problem, then come up with a solution of your own or ask for help. We will all do our best to give you a satisfying answer (to the extent that we are able), or redirect you to the appropriate place for solving your issue.

    But, first and foremost: games are meant to be fun. Never forget that.

    To the comrades who have descended from the sky once again,
    To the comrades who have banded together once again.
    This reunion is dedicated to you...

    We hope that you will continue to enjoy Square Enix's games for many years to come while still keeping your fond memories close to your heart. There is, without doubt, much to look forward to, so by all means: stay tuned!
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