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Taking Ideas???????????

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    Question Taking Ideas???????????

    Hey are you guy still taking Ideas for Thief 3?? Or is this game on hold or is it just too late. I have a few Ideas I am just dying to see.

    I find games are to focus on ammo restrition... I like to see something like the AD&D item system... were you pick and choose what you take and wear as to your needs..... pretty much greedy people are slowed and hendred by weight. I think he need different shoes and gear that have +/- to them(I mean more then just visabilities bonuses), and I would like to choose outfit for certan mission.. ie. to blend in at a party because to need to scope out a place or follow someone. and in the mission I would like to see shops and dealers... and lots of extra side levels to check out. The bigest thing is I would like to see some skill focus like what they had in Deus Ex, except thief style skill

    Or is it too late to suggest that!?!?

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    T3 has been in production for a while. The story line, who knows what is going on with. I have no idea if it is too late or not to submit anything. And it would be Ion Storm Austin you have to get in contact with anyway, not here at Eidos.

    My guess would be, they already have a pretty solid foundation for the story, but who knows in actuality. Can't hurt to try, good luck.

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    I would like to choose outfit for certan mission.. ie. to blend in at a party because to need to scope out a place or follow someone.
    That's an interesting idea. They sort of did that in the Thief 1 episode where you disguise yourself as a Hammerite guard and peruse the temple amidst the other Hammerites. But wearing a disguise (in fact, having a choice of disquises with slightly different outcomes) would be pretty neat.

    Thanks for the ideas. And like BA said, they need to go to Ion Storm in Austin, Texas.
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    I dunno about anyone else, but I would most definitely not wanna see thief3 turned into an rpg where you customize your Garret

    I know there have been alot of suggestions about being able to pick certain skills and increase those and things along those lines, but I think one of the things that keeps thief so neat and special is that everyone has exact same Garret, its just how you use/play him thats diff

    I know I dont post very much but I do stop by and read up and am anxiously awaiting thief3. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in

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    I partly agree with pibb, because I would not wish to see Thief turn into an RPG style game.

    However, I think there could be advantages in having at least minimal customization or some more choices.

    As Bat-mite suggested, if you're going to be dressing up in a disguise anyway it would be neat to pick which disguise you're going to use on the "equipment" screen.

    Or perhaps something as simple as having greater variances for your missions when you choose difficulty levels. Such as adding new and different mission goals instead of just making current statements a little harder.

    There's just a few ramblings of my own.


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    Bleh to customization. Garret is who you make him.
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    They should not allow customizations of Garrett, or costume changes, in my opinion. One of the best features of the Thief series is the challenge of pullling off the mission as it is handed to you. I like that sometimes the circumstances are less than ideal. Not having everything go your way and having to deal with it makes you a better thief, and certainly makes the game more intense. Also keep in mind that you're a thief, not a spy, so being seen, whether "blending in" or not, is the last thing you want. Thieving is best when you are neither seen nor heard.

    My $0.02

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    Aww! But I wanna play *dress up* with my Garrett, an' put him in pretty outfits and everything!


    Seriously tho, I'd have to agree that you should just not be seen at all. Now, maybe a mission where you have to *find* a spy and take him out, that'd be interesting. Then again, I've always liked the idea of stealthy assassination. Taking people out with the bow at long distance is so much fun. So is sneaking up and backstabbing! Oh, I just can't decide...

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    Lady in Black Guest


    I think it would be cool if Garrett decides to steal in Egypt. Around his time you could find alot of gold. he he he he

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    And a lot of undead too, Lady in Black...