Thread: EIDOS Website Thief Portal is GONE

EIDOS Website Thief Portal is GONE

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    Exclamation EIDOS Website Thief Portal is GONE
    suddenly gives me '404 - page not found'.

    In fact, gives me the same message!

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    When I perform a traceroute on, the route dies within the network. I did a WhoIs lookup on and the DNS servers for that web site are owned by, so it looks like Eidos has their web site hosted by Globix. I have sent notification e-mails to Globix and to Eidos to inform them the Eidos servers are down or otherwise unreachable.

    (I am not affiliated with Eidos. Just another user that knows enough Internet technical details to get in trouble and willing to stick my head in the noose.)

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    If I was to go to Eidos's main webpage, I'd type in

    Hope it helps.

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    Cool doesn't work either. Strange that forums are still working.

    Originally posted by Lady in Black
    Hope it helps.
    No it doesn't but thanks for trying

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    Below is the reply that I have received from<blockquote>Hello.
    I've been looking into the EidosInteractive issues you've brought to our
    This is not a routing problem - Globix hosts this company and traffic is
    properly being forwarded to their servers/environment. The network handoff
    to them is up and functioning properly and their servers are reachable, but
    not responding to http requests.
    I have also contacted Eidos also to make them aware.
    Thank you.
    Scott Burkholder
    Globix Network Operations</blockquote>So it appears a problem with Eido's server(s). This is something that Eidos will have to fix; is just the web host provider and Eidos will have to administer their own web service. I suspect Eidos is changing things again and it is either down while they slide in the new web pages or they screwed up and their web server is down or they don't even have a default page defined.

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    Web site coming soon!
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    Well, they are back now!

    Thanks Vanguard.
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    Funny and work for me.