Thread: Was this game anyone else's first FF game?

Was this game anyone else's first FF game?

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    I played this game like 18 years ago and it was the game that got me into Final Fantasy and RPG's in general. FFMQ will always have a special place in my childhood. From this game I went on to Super Mario RPG, then FFII(IV) and FFIII(VI), to the Breath of Fire games. Then my rpg gaming exploaded when the PSX came out. Fond memories to say the least.

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    This game is harder!.

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    It was my first Final Fantasy and first RPG =) I love this game so much.

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    Yes it was my first one then as soon as I played it I found the one for Nintendo and FF2 as it was called the for super Nintendo and FF3 better know as 4 and 6 nowadays. I really wish i still had a SNES to play these games on I still have the games just not a system and is why I wish the would just make them all for PC so i can play all my favs again,