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Thread: Customer Support Contact Information

Customer Support Contact Information

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    That is the customer service number for Square-Enix north America. Call, hit "3", tell them your woes. Took me less than 2 minutes to get my confirmation email resent and get my code. *This WILL NOT help with the downloader issue! (So please don't swamp them with calls about it)*

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    Seriously. Bump for help for you all for any technical issues.

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    If you are unhappy with FF7, you can demand a refund there.

    They will point you over to digital river's website.

    -Fill out your Order ID and password to request a return.
    -Make sure to respond to the confirmation email within 7 days or you will not get a refund.

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    It is sad that the legitimate customers who support square enix are made to jump through hoops to maybe get the product that they paid for.

    I hope that the people making the decisions at square enix realize that they are alienating their customer base and destroying their reputation by willfully ignoring their legitimate customers.

    Its time we take a stand against these practices.

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    I'm not going to wait for them to fix this crap. The bad feedback I have heard on the music, the poor server response when trying to authenticate my download ( 30+ failed attempts ) and the fact that I have to be online to play the game make this all not worth it.

    Thank you for the digital river link, at least the return process was painless, hopefully will reflect on my account in the next couple days. Anyone heard if the playstation network version is any better?

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    The PSN version is the exact PSX version that came out in NA in 1997. Plays perfectly and is identical to the physical game.

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    Originally Posted by hitman13b09
    [...] and the fact that I have to be online to play the game make this all not worth it.
    Uhh... you have to validate the game once, requiring an internet connection. After that, you do not have to be online to play the game. Unless I'm woefully misinformed...?

    Also, the music does indeed suck, however it's easily replaceable .ogg files. You can get superior remastered OST tracks from the Qhimm forums, and there's a thread started by someone here who is recording the midi tracks played from the superior Yamaha XG sound set, putting them in .ogg form, and even making them loop properly (he won't be done for a few days, though).

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    What a shame....

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    How do i contact square enix? I live in sweden and its ing impossible to even get a hold of a mail where i can ask for help. Square enix is as bad as ubisoft these days.

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    I cant find it ing anywhere!

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    Sweden? How come you have any problems then? I have been able to confirm that [some] people who downloaded it in that specific region didn't have any problems whatsoever. Didn't you buy your game via SEM EU?

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    i live in brazil and have the same problem, i can acess the download link.

    ill wait for some official answer .

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    i live in Austria and haven´t heard from their support so far, but I only opened my support ticket about 20 hours ago.

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    I can't seem to find it on their web site at least not the one for Customer Support.

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    Digital River customer service line is open 24/7 and you may contact them at (952)253-1234

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    I opened a support ticket 3 days ago, no reply. Phone support is only open M-F 9am-6pm. So, while I'm at work. This is some awesome customer service.

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    10 bucks for FF7 is fine... 10 bucks for this launcher? ... not so much.

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    They still have yet to return my money...

    I'll make sure to warn my friends about my experience at the square enix online store. I hope they never have to deal with this mess.

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    Im hoping they realise that putting the game on Steam would work better in distribution and cloud saves + achievements.

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    -FINAL FANTASY VII - Issues-

    If you have any technical issues with this game (unable to download/install, etc.), then follow these guidelines.

    1. Contact customer support

    "Contact Us *
    If the Frequently Asked Questions or Knowledge Base articles are unable to offer you a solution to your issue, you can contact SQUARE ENIX for further assistance. Please follow the instructions below for contacting SQUARE ENIX.

    - Click "Contact" in the upper right hand portion of the specific title's site
    - Click the "Additional Assistance" button listed in each Knowledge Base articles page"

    2. Search the forum to see if anyone else has a problem similar to yours, and use that thread to post your questions in.
    Filling the forum with identical threads over and over again does not make it any better.
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    STILL waiting on my refund............

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    I purchased, never received an e-mail receipt, and no serial. Guess I'll be going the way of the refund as well.

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    Don't bother calling, you'll get disconnected. You need to contact Digital River. I sent them an email and they have two days to respond, otherwise I'm taking legal action. Ten dollars isn't a lot, but that's not the point, especially when you work for minimum wage. They're getting away with a scam and that is illegal. If I am ignored again, they'll be hearing from the Better Business Bureau. This same company scammed me on Battlefield 3. That's $70 I've lost to these es and their broken system. Whoever runs that company should be arrested.

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    I signed up for my refund on Aug 15 2012. It is now Sept 1, 2012 and I have STILL not recieved my refund.

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