Thread: It's a Beauty .... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

It's a Beauty .... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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    Rolleyes It's a Beauty .... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    I have served smileys at reg strength and reg price until night 5 , I have built only evening places that serve drinks , I got up to 45 people drunk at once , then it fell to about 2 . I don't know what to do!!!! please help. On the night of day 5 should i start smashers full strenght really cheap or what??????

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    well if you put smashers then everyone is going to start fighting....what i found an easy way to get 75+ is by using thumpers fullstrength for 3 buks each in all the bars(beach bar theme bar 1 and 2 coctail bar and that pool bar or sumtin liek that) and you also have to close everything and i mean everything but the problem is that when you close everything then people leave!!! thats y i havent been able to beat it yet!

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    This one is not so bad.... sell smileys for a pretty cheap price and watch what happens... I have found that if you put the strenght of the beer too high and people are staggering around all over the place, other's wont come and drink. So be careful how strong you set your beer strength. I wouldn't sell Thumpers or Smashers too cheaply or with too much strength, unless you have a guard station and mechanics hut neer every beer shop.

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    Jersey Boy posted this back in Sep.; I hope it isn't against the rules to copy it here:

    Cape Horn: boosts the ol' babe rating
    Smiley's: Makes people happier in general, kind of like a liquid holiday rep.
    Thumpers: Makes people fight each other
    Smashers: Makes people break things
    Grimley's: Seems to be the opposite of smiley's, and depresses people, haven't noticed any other effects

    In other words, if you serve smashers, have mechanics ready to repair things. If you serve thumpers, have security around, you can pick up some cash from the fines. Smileys is good on boards where you need a good resort star rating, but doesn't get people drunk.

    A good rule of thumb is: If it costs more to make it stronger it'll do good things for you, If it costs less to make it stronger, it'll do bad things to you.

    Xena's experience seems to contradict the part I underlined.