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Thread: Please, no more Score Attack

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    Please, no more Score Attack

    Loved RotTR. My favorite game of the year. Score Attack ruins it for me though. I hate it so much I cannot even begin to describe. I can't get the platinum as a result. I don't even want to try anymore. I'm sure I can do it, eventually, but I find it to be the most frustrating kind of system there is (time attack modes). Really, it depends on the margins. I know there are cards that boost the score tremendously - I have a setup I like well enough. It's just easy to lose the combo meter, and that part of it kind of ruins the whole stealth and explore frame of mind you have with the rest of the game. I've watched videos on how to do it, but I simply don't play and think like that.

    I don't think an arcade style Score Attack should be part of a main trophy series, but another mode, like Endurance. They are each different enough from the concept and feel of the main game to be their own trophy line. The same goes for multiplayer, which is my main complaint with the first game - if you came to it really late, just how are you supposed to get a series of online trophies?

    When I first finished the game on Survivor, I wanted to play the game again. It was that good. After some time with Score Attack, I never wish to see it again. It's probably frustration that I'll never put myself through the paces on Score Attack to trophy a game I love. I know some of you will say just suck it up lol - but time attacks are a hated thing by some people, myself included. Fits a racing game completely, and I'd be fine with it there. A platformer too. This one, not so much.

    Perhaps on the next one, you could find some other way to make the platinum trophy an appropriate level of challenge you wish, that also keeps the tenor of the game style? Personally, I really, really wanted to play the game again. Can't bring myself to do it now, but perhaps a NG+ with some changes of some sort? I would have been excited to do that. As with Endurance Mode, I'd be happier trying Score Attack on occasion within it's own trophy line. I think that's much more appropriate - but I'm sure there's those that disagree. It's the one thing that disappoints me with this game though.

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    Score Attacks or Timed Runs are not my favourite type of game. Some people love them, but for me its the Xbox achievements I am not going to get.
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    I tried the timed runs in Legend to try to get the outfits I wanted the most but I never made it. I'd rather just enjoy playing the game, taking my time to find things I need instead of trying to beat the level in a certain time or even beat someone elses score.
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