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    All About Lightning

    A lot of us want Lightning to be playable when we are playing the Final Fantasy XIII-2. However, after I watched the trailer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy, I noticed that we can play but she is not in her valkyrie suits. That's one thing which make her to become a little different. Well, I know the designs of Lightning in this new story must be different because this is her time when she awake from her sleep...

    Valkyrie Lightning is no more and we are now controlling a new Lightning. Hope the new Lightning's design is cool and nice. I am still satisfy with the new design because I can see that as half part of the valkyrie suits. I got no idea where she gets the shield and new weapon. Where is her gunblade?

    If Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is release, do you guys think that SQUARE-ENIX will make a new DLC for FFXIII-2 where we can hunt for Lightning in her Valkyrie suits by defeating her in the collesium/arena? What I get is just Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

    If SQUARE-ENIX is not making such DLC as I said, maybe in Lightning Returns story will let her go into her journey until the end and she got some new power to suit up her valkyrie suits?

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    So what you want for XIII-2 is Valkyrie Lightning for DLC? Requiem of the Goddess, though not a Coliseum DLC, rewards with Valkyrie Lightning's crystal already. Besides, it was announced long ago that DLC for XIII-2 came to an end.
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    As Zench said, the Requiem of the Goddess DLC allows you to get the Valkyrie-armored Lightning as a monster crystal. Also as he said, DLC is no longer being made for XIII-2. Requiem of the Goddess was the final DLC.

    The gunblade was taken out because, from a gameplay design standpoint, they wanted her to have weapons for close-range damage and magic for long-range. It is unlikely she will get any gunblades, and if she does then they will probably only function as guns during the ends of combos the way they do in XIII and XIII-2. It is possible (although no word has been given one way or the other) that the outfits from previous games may be made available by having save data from the other two games. Erren Van Duine of the Nova Crystallis website said that Square mentioned the possibility of some sort of DLC, but it is confirmed there will be no story-important DLC. It is possible previous outfits will make their return this way.

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    I think I have missed something of Final Fantasy XIII-2. So, the Requiem of Goddess DLC is really true and allow us to tame Lightning as our party member in her valkyrie suit?

    Hmm...I gotta check this out asap.

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    Actually, you play as Valkyrie Lightning in Requiem of the Goddess.
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    Lightning Returns will feature many outfits. The one you saw in the trailer is the default one.

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    Yep, as Zench said you play as her. It's a set of battles and scenes, and if you get a 5-star rating on all of the battles you get a Lightning monster crystal of her in the Valkyrie Gear. She's a Commando, I believe 13 levels, and her Feral Link is called 'Legion of One'.

    Also, beating the battles with 5-star ratings earns you an extra scene at the ending of the DLC which hints at Lightning's awakening i nLightning Returns.

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    I assume SE might add the Valkerie Suit in dLC I can't see why not. It's cheap and easy money.

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    ^ I rather it be available to people with a FFXIII-2 save or clear save data for free or something xD

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    Originally Posted by new_tradition

    ^ I rather it be available to people with a FFXIII-2 save or clear save data for free or something xD

    You can do it manually. At Game panel, press the "triangle" button for Final Fantasy XIII-2 options.
    Copy your save game into a pendrive.