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Girls, Girls , Girls Help please

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    Question Girls, Girls , Girls Help please

    i have been trying to do this senerio for almost a week now , i can't get more than 4 romps , I have built up the male / female population until it was almost even. i have build nightclubs , bars , etc etc. i don't know what to do!!!!!!! is there a secret to the beer strength?? the order that i demolish and build buildings??? i would appreciate any input , thanks!!!!!!

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    make theme pub 1, change beer brand to Cape horn max strength. lower prices.

    build jacuzzi, casino and if you need to theme club 1

    if ther still aren't enough ladies demolish fun pool and poolside bar, and if needed add a coctail bar.

    i'm not sure but i think scenery helps as well, i think if you have alot of scenery prettier people come, ( not garunteed)

    that's all i can think of for now

    good luck

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    I am having the same problem....i get the girl appeal up but how do i get the people to "romp" on the beach!!???

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    try what senor_pablo said , first time i played after i got his message i won the island , it works

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    ok cool thankx i will try it!

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    good to know that i'm of help!

    if you're really having trouble with it, close all night time activities apart from drinking- the drunker they are the better!