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    Shining Standards

    I've been slogging away trying to Ghost this one for a couple of days now. Doesn't look good to me. There's 2,252 loot available. I count 165 in a floor trap that requires bashing boards, 120 behind a chapel wall that must be sunbursted plus bashing boards, and 180 in a well lit bathroom with an AI pacing around looking in all directions. That's 465 that requires busting the Ghost. Leaving only 1,787 available. Expert loot objective is 2,000. Has anyone Ghosted any of these spots?

    I was going to have to include Benny in the bar too but I figured out how to Ghost that finally.

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    I had tried to ghost this one and also hit the same spots where the loot was unobtainable without causing a ghost bust. The design is screwed up in that moss arrows don't work; otherwise, you could ghost the loot in bathroom with the fast circular pacing gal (because you could then follow behind her without making noise). The author admitted the moss arrow defect but claimed it would require re-doing a lot of textures and decided to not bother making the fix.

    However, in my ghost report (at, I came up with 1,952 loot as ghostable. I don't remember the floor trap which leads me to believe there is another path to that loot. I'll go check but a clue on where is the floor trap would help me get there quicker. I lost all my saves a couple times for reinstalls of Thief to fix problems with it.

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    The moss arrow problem was fixed in the second release of the mission, which made it much easier to play. I can't comment on the ghosting aspect as I never tried it myself.

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    Old Man, are you talking about the basement door that is boarded up (and the boards are bashable)? If so, I remember that you teleport into the room using a secret found at the top of one of the stairwells coming up from the basement into the house (there's a switch nearby). I believe that I had to use slowfall potions, probably 2 of them, to prevent damage on a fall when hitting the first starfield level and then as I saw some image approach to avoid injury when impacting the floor for which you soon thereafter teleport into its room. I'm still playing through to determine how you get out of that room without smashing the boards. I didn't put anything in my ghost report on how to get out of that room once you got in.

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    I couldn't figure out how to get out of the sealed room in the basement with the boards across its door that you teleport into from a trap door in a secret passage in the house. So I don't know how I could've gotten to 1952 as a loot max total that was ghostable; must've been a reload on the wrong saved game.

    Now that moss arrows work in version 1.1 of this FM, and with the inviso potions available (10 of them) in another secret, you can moss up the floor, run in and hide in a dark corner by the tub, moss up the tub ledge, and snatch the loot in there, all the while imbibing inviso potions. Don't forget the ring. Even with the inviso potions, I couldn't before get in there without making noise on the tile so the loot wasn't ghostable until the moss arrows were fixed to release their payload.

    With 2252 max loot in the mission minus the 120 in the chapel that is unghostable (because you have to blow out a stone wall) and minus the 165 in the sealed basement room with boards across its door, the max ghostable loot would be 1967. That is still short of the 2000 loot objective. I only found 165 in the boarded basement room (4 blue crystals around the floor portal, 1 tall stack of coins, 2 smaller stacks of coins).

    The objective to get to the back gate does not stick. If you leave the back gate, that objective gets unchecked. So you can't cheat by going to the back gate, getting that objective checked, and then head into the boarded basement room to collect the loot there figuring once you're past the 2000 loot objective then the game would end there.

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    Thanks Vanguard and Nightwalker. I haven't checked but I suspect I've got the fixed version. At least I used moss at the back gate so I could set the fine wine crate down without spooking the sentries there and it worked okay. I'll have a little further look-see at these spots and try to come up with something.

    One more thing. I've got 22 of 24 pockets. I don't think there's any more. If this mission works like other Thief II missions the 24 is overstated by one. That still leaves one. I don't think the zombie at the bottom of the well had anything. Has anyone gotten all 23 pockets?

    Thanks again.

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    I only got 19 so I got less than you did, but then I don't scrounge to peak out my stats. Even if the zombie at the bottom of the well had something, I don't think it would count in the pickpocket stat. We had the same problem in Sammy Pays His Dues; the author put a purse on a corpse which was included in the pickpocket stat but the game engine doesn't count pickpockets off corpses.

    Nightwalker is the one that usually has a pretty good loot list. However, that's for loot and some of the pickpockets would be for lifting arrows out of the quivers of archers or health potions off the belts of guards.