Thread: Defeating the seemingly impossible Fal'Cie: Dahaka!

Defeating the seemingly impossible Fal'Cie: Dahaka!

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    <address>Dahaka's damage is uncapped I swear it, even without Faith he could possibly hit for 100K+</address><address>I use either:</address>

    Lightning, Snow, Hope


    Lightning, Snow, Vanille.

    <address>And these are their HP stats:</address>

    Lightning has 3480 HP


    Snow has 3420 HP


    Hope has 2171 HP


    Vanille has 2355 HP

    <address>.....and that's after I grinded alittle bit, I used to beat able to get him close to 75% HP</address><address>remaining but then he killed me so I figured I should level up more, I tried fighting him with</address><address>the stats above and his first nuke "Fulmious Flame" one-shot Vannile (or Hope) and Lightning.</address><address>He doesn't do that all the time but what the heck, If you meet him early (Lightning only had 2100</address><address>HP and or around there) and yet his damage for encountering him at that level needs to be capped</address><address>and half the time he one-shots me, he doesn't have Faith or any spells active!....never have I encountered</address><address>or had this much trouble with a boss, mainly because it doesn't seem he has a damage cap.</address><address>Does anyone know an easy strategy to bringing this guy down? I have Renew, Quake, Libra, Dispelga, Raise, Summon</address>

    Lightning is a level 4 Commando, 3 Ravager, 2 Medic


    Hope is a level 4 Medic, 3 Synergist, 3 Ravager


    Snow is a level 3 Commando, 2 Ravager, 3 Sentinel


    Vanille is a Level 3 Ravager, 2 Sabatour, 4 Medic

    <address>...and once again that's after I decided to grind some more levels after being killed by him.</address>

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    Are you committed to your two party configurations? Because the easiest way to bring him down involves Sazh, Lightning, and Vanille, and a bit of stat boosting (possibly using the resources you got from the missions in the tower to upgrade some weapons or accessories). The idea is to stagger Dahaka before he uses Fulminous Firestorm, and to kill him during that stagger.

    For this to work, you want Sazh's Strength up at 500+, Lightning's Magic at 500+, and Vanille's Magic at 400+. It's best to have everyone's HP above 2500, so Vanille probably wants to equip a +HP bangle.

    Mission 22 gives you 3 Particle Accelerators. Two of them (on a x3 multiplier&mdash;I will assume you use a x3 multiplier for everything mentioned) will raise Vanille's Belladonna Wand to *-level. You can then upgrade it to a Malboro Wand Lv. 15 if you still have the Uraninite dropped by Havoc Skytank. The third, along with 6 Superconductors, will *-level Lightning's Edged Carbine.

    With 37 Superconductors, you can raise the Warrior's Wristband from Mission 23 to *-level. The cost to purchase 43 Superconductors (37 here, 6 for Edged Carbine) is 36,120 gil. Conveniently, the 6 Moonblossom Seeds from Mission 24 sell for a total of 36,000 gil.

    You can, of course, use these resources to level other equipment. However, in addition to being useful here, the Belladonna Wand and Edged Carbine upgrades are strongly recommended for these characters in endgame and postgame play. The Warrior's Wristband can easily be upgraded to a Power Glove once you reach the end of Chapter 12 (where you face enemies with a high drop rate on Scarletites). Power Gloves are also recommended for postgame play, so these investments will continue to pay dividends going forward.


    1. Syn/Sab/Rav &ndash; Guerilla (default)
    2. Syn/Med/Med &ndash; Convalescence
    3. Rav/Sab/Rav &ndash; Smart Bomb
    4. Rav/Rav/Rav &ndash; Tri-disaster
    5. Com/Rav/Com &ndash; Aggression
    6. Com/Rav/Com &ndash; Aggression

    What to do:
    Before the battle, set the cursor to manual entry instead of Auto-battle.
    Start in Guerilla. Cast Bravery-Haste on Sazh. Cast Libra (very important&mdash;DON'T cast Libra before the first round)*. Now finish buffing with Haste-Faith on Vanille and Lightning, and Enfrost on Sazh and Lightning. If someone drops to critical or Dahaka uses Foul Utterance, shift to Convalescence to stay healthy while you continue buffing. After Foul Utterance, you may need to reapply buffs to the target. As soon as possible, shift back to Guerilla or Smart Bomb to avoid Dahaka's chain emptying.

    As soon as all buffs are applied, shift to Smart Bomb if Dahaka does not yet have Imperil and Deprotect (or to Dispel Haste or Faith if he's buffed himself), or Tri-disaster otherwise. Work on staggering Dahaka, with quick shifts in and out of Convalescence if necessary for healing. You need to stagger him before Fulminous Firestorm, or you run a very high risk of dying.

    Once he's staggered, make sure Imperil and Deprotect are both inflicted, and shift to Aggression. Use Blitz-Blitz for attacking (don't add an extra Attack even if Sazh has 5 ATB segments). After Sazh starts firing bullets for his second Blitz on the second round, shift to the other Aggression paradigm for an ATB refresh. Keep pounding away with Blitz, shifting between Aggressions every two rounds. Dahaka should die before the end of the stagger.

    *: It's possible for Vanille to land Imperil on the very first round. If you notice this has happened, consider retrying; you risk having Imperil drop near the end of Dahaka's stagger, which will prevent you from killing him unless you're well above the recommended minimum stats for this strategy. Casting Libra immediately will greatly increase the chances of this happening.

    Here's a vid of this strategy in action:


    Note that the same basic idea can work with the Lightning/Snow/kiddo parties (or any party), but you'll need much higher stats since you lack Haste and don't have both Imperil & Enfrost in the same party (this combo doubles your Commando damage in the fight). You can also use Lightning/Sazh/Vanille, but Sazh's damage potential plummets if you don't use his Blitz (+Deprotect), and that requires manual control.

    If you really don't want to set up for killing Dahaka in a single stagger, manually casting Barfire before Fulminous Firestorm goes off will let you survive the attack. You'll want to stagger him shortly after Firestorm, and then stagger him again before he gets around to Diluvial Plague. He should go down easily within two staggers.

    Hope that helps, and feel free to ask any followup questions!


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    Thanks for the help,

    I defeated later today, tho before I read this I was unaware he knew the move Diluvial Plague so when he casted it I countered it by casting Dispelga. To save the time of taking off all the debuffs he gave my party, I found a Ethersol before the battle begined so that helped my TP go from 2 to 5, I'm currently up against Barty the 2nd time. Tho his move Apoptosis only does like 168 damage. Got him to a good amount of HP before he doomed my main character so now I got 2 Cherub Crowns on my main that boost my Death Resist to 61%

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    Glad to hear you took down Dahaka! Diluvial Plague is annoying by itself (and Dispelga is a good response), but that move is also undesirable because it causes Dahaka to halve all elements (and therefore, halve the rate at which you can stagger him), and because Dahaka can use the extremely powerful Aeroga during his "Plague" form. Aeroga is stronger than Fulminous Firestorm/Bone-Chilling Breaker.

    As for your current fight, I'm afraid that Death Resistance will not help against Doom. Barthandelus 2 will cast Doom when you've been fighting him for 20 minutes, and there's no way to avoid or prevent it. Effectively, you have 23 minutes to defeat him. You'd be better off giving each character a Rainbow Anklet for Daze resistance. In any case, you'll want to look at ways to increase the speed with which you deal damage to him.


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    If you figure out a good strategy, it's actually kind of simple. The characters I used were Hope, Lightning, and Fang. Hope of course has the lowest health, but is an excellent healer. Before going into battle, make sure your TP guage is full. Once in battle, use Librascope instead of Libra. It may only be one enemy, but it saves up your TP for when you really need it. Also, don't summon your Eidolith right off the hop the first time he's staggered, save it for as late as possible (Like when he places a death timer on you).