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Thread: Happy Birthday Maggie!!!

Happy Birthday Maggie!!!

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    Big Grin Happy Birthday Maggie!!!


    HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY (with lotza cake)!!

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    Happy 25th Maggie

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    Time to celebrate!

    Has anybody brought a cake ?

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    damn it. it didnt work. for some reason the forum thing doesnt consider all the spaces you do if its more than 1.

    So I did it in notepad and u can get it here:

    I never knew ascii art was so hard. it took me 30 minutes to figgure out how to do it.

    The A looks wierd but atleast u know its an A

    I hated having to do it 3 times but was glad it turned out good

    Happy B-day and enjoy

    PS: /me prays there are no typos..

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    The only thing missing is the guest of honor

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    Hmm.. She's 4 days late

    I'll go make some coffee

    . ~ . ~ . ~ .. ~
    [ ]) [ ]) [ ]) [ ])

    Sir Henry Morgan's monkeys decided to leave the party.. :/ (either the picture is missing or the site its on is down or very slow..)

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    Big Grin


    You may have forgotten us, but we did not forget you (tho I'm a little late too)

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    not really

    The guest of honor hasn't arrived yet. So you're "technically" late but since Maggie isn't here.. it all works out

    (you're late but early..)

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    Big Grin

    True LOL

    Anyway, last year I was more punctual - and so was she.
    I guess she's been kind of busy lately

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    Man, am I embarrassed... I am 5 days late! So sorry Maggie... I feel so bad now.

    Anyway, happy birthday Maggie Maggie...

    (more to come but this comp is useless at the moment)

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    Oh my... Thank you all so very much (sniff)
    So sorry I am late for my own party, but I have been sick.

    Runtime how did you know I was 25? (LOL!!!!)

    Mr Defender, loves your message, it must have taken you ages to make..thank you, I appreciate it.

    Rook thanks for starting the thread, and my birthday wishes.

    Not forgetting Henry, Ice, Catman and Invader...Thankyou all my friends, it really cheered me up.
    Growing old is compulsory, Acting old is optional!

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    I know you, you just wanted to be fashionably late!
    And looking stunning as always! \

    Now that the guest of honour has arrived we can really start to enjoy ourselves!

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    the next round of pepsi is on me

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    Big Grin

    I'm more of a Coke drinker myself, Defender. But as long as you're buyin'...

    Sir Henry, your monkeys are starting to frighten me.

    Glad you could make it, Maggie! Hope you get to feeling better.

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    Well, for you ill get a coke.. but on one condition...

    you dont look at the expiration date 'cause im sure I have a coke can -somewhere- around here.. lemme look

    Oh! Here it is.. (hope he doesn't notice the arms and legs the can has due to morphological duotonic symbiogenetic eperdemus supercalifragilistically espialadosicus metalogical radioactive exposure..).

    The ASCII art was fun to do. Except for the A's. It was worth it

    I'm just glad I didn't make a typos hehe

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    ***cold shiver***

    Thanks Defender, but I think maybe I'll stick with the Pepsi this time.

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    <coke can walks out of the room and goes to find the counting sheep for a new job>

    PS: You'd need to have seen the Sleep Country Canada comercials. They have alot of Sealy mattresses, which are so comfortable that "you dont need the counting sheep".

    So every comercial the counting sheep try to find work. but everyone has a sealy due to the frequent sales from Sleep Country..

    Its as funny as the Maple Leaf Prime chicken commercials
    (or is that another canadian comercial?)

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    Big Grin

    Is that the one with the white claymation sheep in it?

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    they look too good for em to be plato but I think we're thinking about the same thing.

    How many comercials can there be with counting sheep? In todays world, some company would sue someother company for that..

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    Big Grin Just look what the Birthday party turned into...

    Did the sheep look like the one here, except they're all white? (You'll probably have to copy and paste it, coz Tripod sucks!)

    If so, I think they're done by Nick Park, or somebody who completely ripped off his style. I luv Nick Park's claymation stuff. It's amazing!

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    no, its not those. the ones im refering to are more puffy and look more like a sheep than that one.

    I just visited the sleep country canada website with no luck finding a sheep :/

    Argh! I hate this!! You can't search for anything without having the u know what appearing in the results and no single sleep country sheep website amongst them!

    Its fluffier. Looks more like a cartoon sheep but its not a cartoon. Its more like a cross between pupets and plato.. maybe manekins. (eugh. forgot how its spelled). man-euhh-kins.

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