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    Have been watching the anime for this and became curious if there was a manga for the series. To my delight, I soon discovered that SE's Shonen Gangan is currently serializing Guilty Crown in Japan. SE seems to have a knack for picking up the best manga series and it comes as no surprise that they've grabbed this title to add to their impressive stable of titles.

    For the uninitiated, the main artwork and character designs for GC are done by popular Doujinshi artist Redjuice, who some of you might already be familar with. The soundtrack for the anime is done by Supercell, known better for various Hatsune Miku projects. (As a matter of fact both artists met while working on one and thus this collaboration is possible!)

    This series is really growing on me and I hope that SE decides to bring it over to NA as I haven't heard anything...yet.

    As far as merchandising goes, Japanese figure maker Good Smile Company has the jump on SE as they have several beautiful figures of main character Inori in the works. (I have one on pre-order, actually...) I'm hoping that SE counters by making a Play Arts of coldly awesome main character Gai. ^_^b

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    I see you have found a sci-fi themed anime show, YukiTsu. I will have to check it out solely on your recommendation, especially if you are ordering figures. I don't know the formula for how NA manga publishers decide which titles to release, but I'm sure if tons of people watch the legal streams of Guilty Crown on Funimation or niconico that may help push the effort on the manga localization front.

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    Saw the figures first on My Figure and got into the series as I was curious after seeing them. I've been watching the stream on Funimation and will definately have to pick up the soundtracks too now. Without spoiling anything, Inori seems like an odd character to be making figures of until you find out why later in the series. I've caught the first 12 episodes so far.

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    I had no idea SE was serializing the manga in Japan. Guilty Crown is an anime I've wanted to watch since it was announced, but I haven't had the time to do it. Guess I have to once I get some free time.
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    Guily Crown hipster here!!! watched it weekly as it came out... total fanboy...

    Music and animation where great. Story had its ups and downs, mostly because the main character had more than just a change of heart... he changed his personality almost every episode.... and I didn't like the ending.

    Was actually wondering if I could post anything about it here, since this is a specific "manga" group and also specific to SE's manga. Which reminds me, if I want to talk about anime or manga that AREN'T published by square, is that posted here or in general discussion... seems like there should be a specific topic for general anime/manga.

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    You hit upon the main sticking point for me as well: the main character.....he sucks. Too flip floppy for my liking anf they really don't explain why in the anime. I'm hoping that the manga offers more explanation, as I'm sure it will. But the music? Wonderful!!

    Not sure about the non SE posting here yet: I know in the SE Manga/anime group we had a thread for random stuff we were watching/reading.

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    Lots of new Guilty Crown merchandise to keep you busy! Just saw some of the latest items that are either in production or are freshly released!

    Good Smily Company's regular releases....

    The scale figure is really really popular already!

    Figma, which I have on pre-order

    The requisite Nendoroid

    Ichiban Kuji prize figures (from the Japanese prize machines!)

    Might recognize this one from the ending theme...

    Finally, one that's not Inori

    For fans of series creator Redjuice, this one is a must get!

    Opening and closing theme songs done by Egoist, who you might also recognize from the series. Egoist also happens to be a member of Supercell. ^_^

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    And the Inori Nendoroid is now out! (Most are waiting for their shipments as we speak) Since I had a bad experience with Nendoroids, I passed up on this version of her and grabbed te Figma, out next month.

    Nice packaging!

    Comes with some decent accessories, which is good.

    Sorry, Fu-nell, but you are just a Tachikoma Wannabe. =_=

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    The semi-annual Wonderfest is the figure collector's equivilent to booze, drugs, whatever you would consider "bad and evil". This year's installement of Summer Wonderfest that just wrapped up in Japan over the weekend was no different, with many figure fantatics kissing what little gil that this year has left them with goodbye.

    Case in point, this statue of Inori (again), this one featuring her look from the closing credits of the anime. Just shown off this weekend.

    Which begs the question, why can't SE come up with a good PA of Gai?!

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    The date was coming up quickly and had not heard anything until today. Inori Figma has been delayed until next month! The Nendoroid can come out on time but those of us who ordered the Figma have to wait?! This means I'll have three figures out next month!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! >_<#

    At least SE's Play Arts Line never seem to get delayed. >_>

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    For those GC fans with bottomless pockets loaded with mad gil: Azone has this release for it's Hybrid Action Figure line. This version of Inori is from Azone's high end line. (Not that the regular line happens to be cheap, mind you!) I do know what you're thinking. "Wow, Yuki, she's something else but sunuvabritch that price tag!" *Keels over and dies* You would be right in thinking this. Keep this in mind, however: she's only moderately less expensive than Volks' flagship ball jointed doll line Super Dollfie. Do you buy something like this or make your own custom with the larger Dollfie line?

    Pick your poison.

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    Almost finished watching the anime for GC....and hoping that the manga will be that much better. Shu, I wanted to like you...I really sincerely did. There are some episodes where you come off as a true main character of a manga/anime....and then there's episodes where I wish you would just grow a pair or step aside and let someone else take the protagonist role. You do more flip flops than the average politician. Someday, you might grow on me....perhaps. ^_^'

    To those with interest in the Inori Figma, still no concrete release date yet. Looks like it will be a last minute announcement.

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    Release date finally set for the Inori Figma....Sept. 22. Will post pics once she gets here.

    Hey SE! Release some GC figures already!

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    Inori Figma (finally) Get! Mini review!

    She's very pretty but she gets delayed a month and when I get her she's got paint issues. See above article. >_>

    For the record, for everyone britchin and moanin on the figure sites about SE's Quality Control issues, I have NEVER had one with the painting error that this figma had. GSC isn't known for QC problems, but they're starting to happen more frequently. Considering that the PA line isn't much more expensive than the Figma line, that says a lot.

    Still, the sculpt is amazing and I love her. Please, SE, maybe make a Gai figure to go with her? :3