Thread: Thief won't run !!

Thief won't run !!

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    Thief won't run !!


    I have had a new PC, running win98se, nividia ge-force 2 graphics card, 256mb sdram.

    It tells me there is an error, then bogs out!!
    I have the latest drivers (graphics and Sound)

    Hope someone can help me


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    Grey Mouser Guest
    Hi there The Rock's MRS! UK....welcome to the forums!

    Hmmm...a few questions: Is your copy of Thief II the 'Premier Edition', a budget release available only in the UK?

    What is the error you are getting when it quits on you?

    Also...check the DirectX Diagnostic tool for a little further information...go to Start>Run>type in dxdiag>hit OK...look under the Display Tab and the Sound Tab.

    Under Display Tab does is correctly list your GeForce 2 card under Name, and what is the version # of the driver installed (upper right)...also what does it say under Approximate Total Memory (should be around 31.5MB or so if it is a 32MB card).

    Under Sound Tab...same drill, what is the Name of the sound device and what version # of driver is installed?

    Post back and I (probably along with some other likely culprits) will try to help...

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    Hello and welcome!

    Just to give you some encouragement, I also have Windows 98 SE and a GeForce 2, and I can play both Thief games perfectly. So can yours, as soon as you reply to GM with the extra info (I hope)!
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    Sorry about this guy's it's running great

    The only thing I have done different since I last installed the game was a total format, Which I have only just done.

    Just to let you know that my graphics card is Geforce2 intergrated GPU, version 31A.01.03.02. Sound card is Crystal semiconductor Corps, version 4.07.5015.

    My format was due to the Klez virus, could that have been the problem? I was Trojoned also

    Well atleast I haven't got to upgrade my Graphics card.

    P.S. Are there any patches for Thief2? And any extras I can download.

    Once again SORRY



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    Grey Mouser Guest
    Cured as if by magic!!

    No problem, things just go wonky in Windows now and the, and an occasional format can help, especially if you received a virus or trojan...yes, it is conceivable that the viruses caused the problem, it might have been some other problem too that was solved by your efforts.

    There is a patch for Thief II HERE, however if you have the 'Premier Edition' or German edition of Thief II you cannot easily install the patch, although there are ways to Patch 'Premier Thief II' if that is the version you have.

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    Glad you have it working. I strongly suggest getting some anti-virus software and keeping it up to date. Nothing can kill a computer more quickly than a virus or worm. Viruses can erase your hard drive, render your programs inoperable, e-mail your private data to evil people, etc.

    There are Norton, McAfee, Innoculate and other less reputable brands of AV software. I use Norton. Once you buy the latest copy, you then need to subscribe for updates, and then every couple of days, download the latest protection.

    Sorry if you already know all of this!
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    I don't think mine is the premiere version, I bought it when i was first released in the UK, and I doubt it is the German version

    But i'll give the patch a go

    Once again THANKS

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    I have NAV and Zone Alarms installed on my PC, but Norton didn't pick up on the Trojan but did pick up on the klez via email.

    I also do an online virus scan once a week using Trendmicro systems, thats how I found out that I had been Trojaned

    But you live and learn.........the hard way

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    Another way to avoid e-mail viruses is to use a web-based e-mail like Yahoo! Unfortunately, programs like AOL and Outlook Express automatically download the e-mail to your machine, and then sometimes even open them without your knowledge. if you use a web-based e-mail, you simply read it online in your browser, and you only download what you want. The drawback, though, is that they give you a limited amount of disk space, and once you close your account, you lose all your saved messages.

    Okay, so now can I envourage you to try Thief 1? Many of us in these forums found it to be the better of the two games. You just have to get used to the supernatural stuff.
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    I have a yahoo mail accout, which I use for junk mail. Also NAV virus checks my outlook mail, which I didn't know, That you have to tell it to check your mail...........DOH

    You will never get me to like Thief1, I loved to watch my hubby play it, i was engrossed watching it, the story line was fantastic. I personally cannot see the point in putting zombies into a game like Thief, the Hammerites were hard enough to kill, 3 whacks and you are dead!

    When the demo of Thief2 came out, The Angelwatch level, I found the only zombies on the level, (the tower, with the sparkling book, which you have to read cause it's there) I Jumped out the window, and
    So i'm really hoping they leave the undead alone and those bad breath beasts, in Thief1.



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    If you play Thief like a thief and not a warrior, it really doesn't matter how hard anything is to kill. The object of the game is stealth, not killing. You have to learn to be sneaky, quiet, patient, hide in the dark, distract the enemy and tiptoe past him, etc. If your method is to engage enemies in combat, then you will not do very well.

    There are lots of things you learn about how to kill when you have to. For instance, three flash bombs can wipe out every haunt in their midst. And just about any enemy can be taken down with one blow from behind--yes, one blow--as long as you sneak up behind it and it doesn't hear you. The blackjack is mightier than the sword in some cases.

    Same with all the enemies. If they don't know you are there, they won't attack. Burricks won't even belch.

    Well, good luck!
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    Well this is a little OT for tech section but since you mentioned your problem with the T2 demo just thought I'd kick in a few suggies First, that is one of the best levels to play and you don't have to read that book! Just pocket the two gold candlesticks for your booty Then jump from that window over to the ledge across from you and continue your explorations...always search everywhere for other ways to go and things to find Since you watched hubby play you've got the idea of how to play Thief games I believe you should also find a switch around the fire that will open up a hidden place around it to find something and/or in the fire itself, fire arrow(s)...there are many places to explore in this level and fun to play it! So go gett'm and Good Hunting!
    It's not how you win the game, it's how you PLAY it! Have FUN!

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    I know Thief2 like the back of my hand, and must admit Anglewatch is my favorite level.
    Just thought i would look on the net for any news about T3, as they have changed the lauch date (yet again) I read it's now going to be Spring 03 Thought i'd better get my bow and arrow out and blow off the dust (and sort out what was up with my PC)

    Any help with sorting out the new levels would be gratefully apreciated (feel free to e-mail me), it's not as easy as putting a new map in MOH