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    Okay, so I had this amazingly lurid dream last night where I saw this "house" and I knew where and what each room was. Anyway, I awoke and drew the house and immediately began to create it in Dromed. The thing is the house seemed to be made of wicker. So, just like wicker, there are many places you can see through - but they're tiny and numerous. So, I had this theory of using solid brushes, then penetrating them with lots of tiny intricately placed slivers of air brushes.

    Question is: How realistic is that? I mean, is it so susceptible to crashing that I should just make it look like a thatch (hut, whatever) structure????
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    I believe you can use a texture with transparent parts in it.

    But DO NOT place this texture on the outer walls/cielings/floors or anywhere where you could see into the void of nothingness or you most likely will receive an error(most likely a crash on entering game mode or a hall of mirrors at those areas).