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    this may seem unrelated
    i'm trying to get bo2 on pc and the only way i can get it is through the Eidos store since i'm in Australia. Now i have a feeling that the value i get for the cost once i set up the postage for Aus, is in US dollars. i tried emailing eidos support but it wouldn't send, so now i'm asking u people. would any of u know?

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    If the total is around $40-$50, it's probably in US dollars. If it's $60-$70, it's AU.
    Are you sure you can't pick it up locally? I would be very surprised if no one in Australia sold the PC version.
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    i've been trying to get a hold of it since it came out and i've had no luck
    the thing is i want to purchase 2, cause a friend also wants to get it, we've both been searching for it.
    the thing is the total comes to 122, which for two games plus postage seem somwhat cheaper than i would expect
    if anybody knows for sure if it does taka into account please reply, i've been waiting a long time to get a hold of BO2 and this little thing is really irritating me.

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    y not try buying it off ebay? if u find the right seller u could get it really cheap!


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    i tried
    i can't find it

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    this one has 12 hours:

    same seller but more time:

    dont know what u saw.


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    well i must say ur somewhat of a lifesaver reaper

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    Originally posted by a74gh83
    well i must say ur somewhat of a lifesaver reaper
    i love the irony in that line.


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