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Thread: TR Community Photo Gallery

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    TR Community Photo Gallery

    Use this thread to show who your fellow forum members are talking to.


    Edit by Driber, Jan 5, 2012: Below are the latest fun-loving forum members who posted their photo in this thread. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge. Latest additions at the top. This collection will auto-update.

    To view the entire collection containing every single fun-loving forum member who posted their photo
    on the forum during the past 10+ years, go here:


    Edit by Driber, Aug 8, 2011:
    How to post a picture!

    If your photo is already on the internet:

    Please first run the URL of the image through this tool and then copy&paste the appropriate IMG tags into your post here. This step is to ensure that your image won't end up dead in the future, as this has often happened in the past with member photos and over the years, the forum staff has spent quite a lot of time maintaining this thread by deleting or fixing broken images.

    If your photo is still only on your computer:

    You can this image host to upload your photo from your computer. The host will afterwards automatically create the appropriate IMG tags for posting in this thread.

    Also, please keep in mind that when you post a very big image it may distort the forum view for those on lower desktop resolutions. If your image is over 800 pixels wide, we request that you use the [THUMB] tags instead of the [IMG] tags. The aforementioned tool and image host will automatically warn you if your image is very big and will create the appropriate thumb code.

    You may all comment on each other's photos in this thread, but try to keep the off topic to a minimum. The main goal of this thread is to show member photos. For chit-chat, please use The Humble Abode thread.

    And for reference, here is the old member photos comment thread.

    Furthermore, I am having a mirror online with all old and new photos. So if a photo goes down in this thread, just send me (Driber) a PM and I can restore it.

    To start off, here's Data's photo:

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    Mater Urbium

    wait....before you, that isn't me!
    it's the lovely marsoa

    And here's me:


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    Excuse the fact I have a hunchback and a fluffy orange jumper.

    This is the best picture I can for the moment. Does *anyone* know any free picture hosting sites? Mysighost won't work.

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    The lovely young lady is my granddaughter.

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    Me and ma' Baby and me without 'ma baby

    And just me ... freaky normal out of costume me LOL

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    Don't worry, Zymoticus, your pictures are viewable through your links just fine. Is that a flashlight you have between your teeth, cowboy? Hehehe And can I have your beach friend's number? He looks just like Gex. *sigh*

    Solange, what a pretty kitty.

    And so's I don't get culled, another one of me:

    (No, that's not my husband I'm with! She's my uncle's mouser! )

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    Big Grin

    Presenting..............our very own thediva!!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs Up

    Originally posted by TombRaiderChik
    me and my 18lb kitty, wilson
    That's a beauty! And the kitty, too.

    Your kitty is 18lbs, mine was big, too...(about 20, at her biggest. )

    (She's gone now.)

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    And (finally) me:

    It was a bit dark outside that night...

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    Hello, it's me !

    And it's my website :
    "Fallen from Light. Reborn in Shadow..."

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    Here are a few recent ones of me...

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    From the Community Chat Forum thread:

    Left to right:
    CatSuit&Ponytail, TDC, John Carter, GoranAgar, and Deekman.

    Check out the thread to see more.

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    Originally posted by GoranAgar
    From the Community Chat Forum thread:

    Left to right:
    Catsuit&Ponytail, TDC, John Carter, GoranAgar, and Deekman.

    Check out the thread to see more.

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    Blue Skies With the lovely Jill de Jong.
    Taken at an Expo in 2002.

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    Thumbs Up

    Good idea, Dave. Haven`t done that for a long time.

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    Catching up on some important liturature.

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    Well this is me!

    A little montage of me

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    Previously known as iqi86...

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    "Zymoticus" reborn as: KasigiYabuSama

    I'll see if this works - incidentally, somebody asked awhile back about a good free image hosting site... After flailing around I found which is where this stuff is:

    ...a tender moment with my wife of 24 years

    ...picking up a new pal in Puerto Vallarta

    ...and of course, cheating on my "wife" with that acoustic hussy.

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    Finally got a shot of my latest power tool - a Chapman Grand Stick...

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    Onstage with the X-Brothers Thanksgiving night.
    signature imagesignature imagesignature imagesignature image
    "Doomsday device?...I suppose I could part with one and still be feared..."
    Skusting's deviantArt gallery <-updated with regularity regularly!

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    this is me on holiday in florida 2005
    signature image Raid My tomb and i'll tell Lara

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    Deekman, you rule.

    My lovely wife and me.
    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    Actually my wife spotted it first.

    ... this thread needs even more pictures:

    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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