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Thread: TR Community Photo Gallery

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    ME :P

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    i changed my pic. Do I resemble Lara??????? I wish.

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    Mar 2007
    I got some piccys of me on my last day of school the other week,

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    Here's one of me that's pretty recent.

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    When playing call of duty 4

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    Jun 2008
    Well THis is MUA The Great I love mySelf

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    Jun 2008


    < dead image removed >

    This picture is normal

    This is a little funny

    < dead image removed >

    This is god (yes, I'm blond but I'm not stupid as I look )

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaraCroftRox View Post
    Oh, dear, I feel so young...

    < removed dead image >

    What I demented freeak I am...
    Aww that's YOU!
    your'e so cute

    Mines a little Um well have a looky

    I look so Morbid!

    I was lekker drunk that night!

    HOWZIT Ek Se'

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    Kami, you're so cute. In that first pic, are you attempting to mimic the swan fountain to your right?? I can hardly tell you two apart.

    Anyways, I suppose I'll share me. . .

    I'm actually part abominable snowman (yeti, if you will). You can see why I was hesitant to share my pictures with you all:

    Actually, this is the real me, where I sit playing the ole TR:

    This is my latest impression of Lara Croft:

    And the face I make when Lara falls to her bone-crunching death:

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    still a newbie..
    Силиконовые Мозги

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    WOW LaraCroftRox your cute

    Here some of me this summer when i went to Alton Towers.


    Lunch time

    Queing for a ride

    Signitures are cool.... But so are pictures

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    I think I found one of Spong. Prepare yourselves.

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    me!!!! (i look like such a loser)

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    It's me between the two sarcophagus in some ruins when I was in Turkey.
    The Extraordinary Is In What We Do, Not Who We Are

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    this is me...okay so it's a little model-wannabe-ish, but it's one of the few pictures of myself that i like so...............................................:
    Oh yes, I've always found your ignorance quite amusing...

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    funny glasses montage!

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    Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.

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    ok this might be a spoiler lol
    Blonde Croft
    Oh Thats Lovely

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    i found some more

    Blonde Croft
    Oh Thats Lovely

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    Here's one from 10th grade. Very olde. (I'm in college, now)

    Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.

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    Myself at my Moms house, acting like i was giving her a knee to the face. lol

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    More recent pic of me, getting ready to raid the sky.

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