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Thread: TR Community Photo Gallery

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    Messing with time and space - and not for the first time:

    Brooklyn Gal and Deekman in the Roman Forums. Posted in the Eidos Forums.

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    Big Grin

    Quote Originally Posted by BLOWHARD View Post
    Hmmmm.....I can find all sorts of pictures of me all over the place...but none with Lara :P
    You seem vaguely familiar.

    Oh, um, did I post this one lately?

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    Two Tomb Raider fans! My cousin and I

    (click image to enlarge)
    Just me.

    (click image to enlarge)

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    thought i would put them in here for good measure, just in case i put them in the wrong one

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    Here's two more recent pictures of me:

    (If anyone mentions that it looks as if i'm posing in the second one, it's because I was showing my best friend my new hair cut )
    'I Make My Own Luck..'
    - Lara Croft

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    I was just browsing around in my folder, found a few more of me!

    Me pratting around with my first digi cam


    Feeding time at work:

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    Jun 2003
    Gosh y'all are all so young!

    Here's the old lady:

    Old lady and a glacier:

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    Here I am! Nice to meet u
    I live faaaaaaaar away from Europe, so please, don't blame me for my English

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    In a bubble outside the universe


    Okay, this is the same photo I put up in Community chat, so I thought I'd give you all here a laugh too. It's better blurry, believe me.

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    my new pix...

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    OOOhhhh... god here its goes here am i!!!!!


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    Found another lol soz they are quite big!!! Did them on my fone at 800X600 lol....

    Oh and i am 15.... quite young still grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

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    with a dalek, in june

    taken this month:

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    Rolleyes Oke! So, This is Me..

    I found two pictures of me.

    This is a recent photo:

    I took it with my webcam, so it's not realy sharp, sorry..

    This is another photo:

    This one is a year old, so I might look a little bit different..

    I'm sorry if I scared the hell out of you..

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    Some of you may recognize me from TRF, if you are members there.

    Here's my most recent pic, about a week or so old. Found this shirt at my new favorite store (Max Rave) on sale for only $3!

    And I took these two before Christmas:

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    Taken with my brother's superior camera phone.

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    Big Grin

    LOL u all look great mybe i shouldnt post my pic cuz im soooooooooo ugly but you know wut the heck ok i have 2 pics to post and here is the first one (oh by the way these pics are from my profile in facebook) :

    lol this is me trying to be model

    2nd one (im in the middle and this pic was taken last year) and those are my best friends

    so im ugly right
    UR Nothin But WOMANIZER

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    Here's me.... Two should be enough

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    Me, myself, and I...

    Oi, so I'm new here, and I figured how better to start out than to show all my fellow raiders what I look like!

    That's me in Europe from about six months go. Once I get a more recent picture I'll put it up, but I really don't look that different. My hair has just grown a couple inches.

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    Cool New picture of me

    Here you go:

    You can see two more at the Community Chat Photo Album.


    Test your luck.. Click on one of the four smileys!

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    Thought I'd post some new pictures up as my appearance has changed somewhat drastically compared to previous pictures - I got rid of my long hair and dyed it.

    And here are a friend and I jumping our horses (Im on the gray, Jade):

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    Here is the latest me:

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    aw you all look like models! im ahamed to post a pic of me

    heres a weird pic of me

    (click image to enlarge)

    and here is an even weirder!

    (click image to enlarge)

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    Heres one of me

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