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    Fantasy Earth Zero

    So i've been doing some thinking. This gem is my favorite game literally of all time. It's greatly missed by the community but how many of you actually even remember this game. It was only launched for 1 year under GamepotUSA licensing. Since the closure of the game the two other games under the handle of GamepotUSA have been shut down. A lot of FEZ refugees had fled to HK JP and even TW servers. about another year or so into HK they placed an IP block and had banned many NA players due to high ping in game. This game relied greatly on ping so we are understanding to this. I myself had moved onto JP server. Here i play quiet using only japanese macros as methods of communicating with other jp players. There is about 10-15 active NA players on the least populated JP server of the game and to my knowledge none in different servers. Our community has tried getting other game companies to consider picking it up such as beanfun and nexon so far there has been no sign of this game returning to america. I have a fast western connection and was able to play in the NA server with the lowest ping of most of the server apart from maybe the GMs themselves. I have also spent thousands of dollars on this game throughout NA HK and JP servers. I feel cheated by the games poor marketing. No one i know hardly has even heard of the game apart from seeing small ads on the sides of gaming websites. Hell i wouldnt have been able to find the game myself if i didnt search for "square enix mmos" back in 2010. This game has great potential for a second installment as well. Although i probably wont see this ever it is a great idea and the replay value of the game is incredible. the style of the game is unique and i really just wish the game had some more light shown onto it. Now the community and I have done everything from signing petitions, emailing game companies, and such but there is so little we can do to be heard. I have sent my own personal emails to GamepotJP and SquareEnix with no responses. Its only a matter of tie before the game shuts down everywhere but JP. It wins awards every year by WebMoney as game of the year. I need help from everyone to get this message heard. This game needs to come back to America or at least start production on a revamped version of it in JP.

    this is a gameplay video form MMOHut, one of the sponsors as well as MMOSite. The promotion efforts by these companies for this game were HORRIBLE. and never exceeded anything but this video, a side ad on their website, and an event for a free item code. In addition to poor promotion the GMs were shady creatures. GM Pasta notable to flirting with female players did nothing to monitor the games integrity or gameplay at all. It was just a horrible move for Gamepot but there are many of us who want this game to be given a second shot.

    All in all my heart goes out to my fellow Fez Vets. This game is surely still missed and i hope SquareEnix will ing notice that some day and help us all out here in America. Until then I will be wallowing in the JP server Kether. Thanks for developing this game Square, but we need your help.

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    Never had the chance to try it but it seems it got cancelled so soon. I heard about it in 2009 when the publisher was kinda silent regarding its status. It looks cool though, hope another publisher revives this game.

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    its just sad to see such a great game that has been dug into so meticulously by the foreign communities just fly over americas head and squenix and gamepot are not helping one bit.

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    I really miss this game

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    Isn't the Japan version still up? because last i remember they had the cestus and we NA players were waiting for then BAM shut down.

    Now they have chariots for troop transport, artillery? WTF. I miss FEZ GREATLY! I'd do anything to have it back.

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    JP Fez is still up and running. They just celebrated 1.2 million registered users back in February (unless my translator is failing).

    Wow that link looks scary lol. Also hi Dubz ! Keep the faith alive!

    I really miss this game aswell. It was definitely one of the most fun, unique gaming experiences of my gaming career and I can't for the life of me find anything like it I tried playing on HK FEZ but the lag was terrible and then the IP bans started so that shut out that option for me. I'd play JP FEZ but I fear the situation would be the same and without the community interaction, the game for me only reaches half of its potential. Add in the fact that US players didn't even get half the content that HK/JP FEZ have and it just ends up being confusing to even play, since everything is in a foreign language.

    I wish we could have had the same experience with this game that other places got. It really just shows how horribly managed the game was. It's still thriving in HK and JP. Only the US version crashed and burned. The most upsetting part of the whole thing is that a lot of people didn't even find the game until it was going under, or found it too late and never even got to try it. And now there is this looming stigma around it because it closed within a year of opening, when the closing had nothing to do with the game itself and everything to do with its management or lack thereof.

    I just really wish someone would give this game a second chance. It fills this HUGE hole in the market that nothing else really fits into. If there were other games out there like this, people would have moved on to them. The fact that the community is still begging for someone to pick up this game 2 years later speaks volumes to me.

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    yeah fantasy earth zero is i would have to say the first game that dragged me into online gaming as i was lucky enough to find it before it started going downhill. i got to play it for about a month or 2 before my laptop stopped working and had to reinstall everything other stuff happened and i couldnt play FEZ anymore for a while and when i finally got back around to it i wanted to play it again but it was already shut down. ever since ive been trying to find games that were similar to it in any way possible but as katie said earlier there really is nothing that compares to FEZ which leaves me wanting a game that actually does what FEZ did as well as it did it. i mean there were what 5-7 factions? and about 60 areas that we could fight over and about 15 of which were in the warzone constantly in 50vs50 pvp with a pvp system that was actually balanced compared to some of the games ive seen out there. if anyone would actually revive this game i would literally stop playing all of the games i play now just to go back to it.

    the kind of pvp in here was rts mixed with a hint of fps and rpg elements all tossed into the fantasy genre and thats putting it mildly from what i could remember. i could rant all day on the awesome things in this game that people are missing out on because nobody wants to bring it back...

    i do have one suggestion if they do decide to bring this game back though... the developers need to allow for a lot of expandability for this game either by launching multiple servers or allowing more people into each fight because this game has the potential and if everything is done right it could easily beat any of the newer games in terms of popularity.

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    Might as well post here as well...

    Only free to play game I spent money on both in NA and JP version. I have been playing mmos since 2006, ranging from RO, Maplestory, korean grinders to WoW and GW2. I would guess the amount of mmos I had tried/played would be above 40+ different mmos. Some I played for 1-2 weeks some half a year-1 year and not a single penny spent. THIS IS THE ONLY FREE TO PLAY GAME I SPENT MONEY ON to this day. Probably the only thing companies cares about.


    All my good dscout audio got hit, sad... maybe should upload the what is left of my tdms. Man good times remember when it was either stun warrior or dscouts were team captains. When there was only one or no captains (volunteers), I just threaten let the single captain or myself to hand pick a team. At most we only had like two dscouts sometimes four in total in our usual group. Whoever did not have a dscout was most likely going to lose. I wish I recorded the final tdm on the last where everyone just random for the heck of it and Scizor and me was on the same team as dscouts. That match was so one sided... and proved why we can never have Scizor or me on the same team in our tdm group.

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    I miss it. I miss it so much. I'd like to see it revived because it was truly an unique game. Bah. It was the only game in which you felt like you were equal with other players. You couldn't exactly buy godly armor and weapons in RL money store(well you could buy gears, but they were pretty much just for aesthetics) and go and say "hey look at me, I spent blabla amount of money on this game and I beat you all lolololo", but rather work as a team, as an army and bring the opposing army down. Corps(Guilds) worked together in wars and it often led to a victorious battle. The nation system was pretty fun aswell, and... bah, you know what, I could go on for hours talking about FEZ, but yeah, I'll save you that. In short, my words are "awesome game which I really want to make a comeback".

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    This is my all time fave game and kinda gave up on it when they wouldn't sell us the server. So its been a couple years still have a tinge of excitement everytime I hear the name, so decided when I was out doing the SEO rounds to look fantasy earth zero up and found this.December 17, 2012 10:05 AM Eastern Time

    Aeria Games and Gamepot Merge to Create a Global Force in Multi-Platform, Free-to-Play Gaming

    Leading Companies Combine to Establish Worldwide Platform for Publishing and Development of PC and Mobile Games, Supporting over 50 Million Users and Dedicated Teams in Five Major Countries

    SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc., a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, announced today it is joining forces with Gamepot, Inc., a leading Japanese publisher and developer of PC and mobile games, to create a global operation. The combined entity will have a worldwide gaming reach with a portfolio of over 50 PC and mobile games, full operations in five countries supporting 11 languages, and over 50 million registered users. The transaction will accelerate the scaling of Aeria Games’ technology and Ignite distribution platform in four major continents, adds substantial mobile development capabilities in Japan and Korea, and provides a one-stop shop for developers looking to publish games in major international gaming markets. Each company will continue their respective operations and brand identities, with a joint focus on shared technology and know-how, cooperation on mobile game development, and close coordination for licensing and publishing global game IPs.

    “This strategic partnership further helps to cement our position as a truly global multi-platform publisher and developer”

    Both companies will function under a new, US-based holding company headed by Hiroki Totoki and Lan Hoang as co-CEOs. Lan Hoang is the CEO of Aeria Games and Hiroki Totoki is the Chairman of Gamepot and also CFO of So-net Entertainment Corporation, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation and Gamepot’s parent company prior to its combination with Aeria Games. The shareholders of Aeria Games will own a majority stake in the holding company.

    “This strategic partnership further helps to cement our position as a truly global multi-platform publisher and developer,” said Lan Hoang, co-CEO of the new holding company. “We are adding significant mobile games and development resources while expanding our core PC publishing business and increasing international reach and resources to acquire and publish Triple-A titles. The combination strengthens every facet of our business – strong financials, global reach, a large and dedicated community of mid- to hard-core players, and a shared technology and distribution platform.”

    “Gamepot will add development expertise for client-based games, such as the successful Wizardry and Paperman franchises, and its large mobile development teams in Japan and Korea to Aeria Games’ global platform,” said Hiroki Totoki, co-CEO of the holding company. “We have already started collaborating on co-development projects, leveraging our mobile resources, to bring high-quality games to the international markets.”

    The combined entity will have almost 600 employees with offices in the US, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and Korea.

    I am literally brimming with excitement now and all I gotta say to properly express it and yet still seems lame.

    SEPHY SMASH!!!!!!

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    Lets go Sqaure-Enix don't give the wrong answer we want to hear you say something postive since your company created this rare game its time for you to take a stand and bring back the NA region. The players as you see are wanting this game returned to the NA region. Gamepot USA failed not only the players but you as well. This game deserves the chance to prove it worth. Don't look down on it since it has older graphics but the gameplay is where its at. lower end graphics means more computers can handle it and even less crashing the Newer games that constantly keep goiong down for maintance. So please do us the favor and bring this game back and support. I've been in contact with you but maybe yoyur mangement needs see the forums from your own site as well.

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    Here here I say we rally together, throw our skills together and get this game back to NA. They already closing down Hong Kongs, so daily the chances that the merger will bring FEZ back to NA dwindles. I propose if we can get enough people together , get a petition together I can set up a social media network even a website. Throw some press releases with high quality content about bringing back FEZ to NA we could make a stir.

    Also......... YOU CAN PLAY IN JAPAN!!! Someone message me I wanna play again so bad. I didn't even get to play the new warrior type with the big sword that goes boom!!


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    Got so psyched about playing Fantasy Earth Zero that I went and did it.. to join the Bring Back Fantasy Earth Zero Movement you join in at , and for the petitions coming soon or email directly at Square Enix should join to since technically FEZ is your baby. Lets let Aeria Games know we want Fantasy Earth Zero back to NA.

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    The movement is catching fire and going viral and it would go a far way for the creator of Fantasy Earth Zero to take notice and back the movement. Fans all over would love Square Enix more than they already do for this. We need more than that though we need the players to come forth and show how strongly they want this game back. This recent press release is the announcement of the formation of the Bring Back Fantasy Earth Zero Movement <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml>
    Also here is the petition . Time have your voices heard this is no movement without the most important catalyst the players!! <!--[if gte mso 10]>
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    Well I come to the Square forums to find Sephy already beat me to it.

    Please go to the Fantasy Earth Zero petition and sign it and help with the movement to bring FEZ back from the ashes.

    Also hail Gev and our slightly yaoi king

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    Oh there it is again, I hope the Square enix fans would look into their hearts to help push the Fantasy Earth Zero movement for this game is one of SE's biggest numbers when it comes to MMOs (aside from the FF MMOs) in my book.

    This game was the first game to ever really get me into MMOs and I have a ton of great memories from it, whether it was completely destroying an enemy keep with a last chance chimera run, being that player in the midst of battle screwing up enemy tactics, or taking down that person I had a great time and I feel as though others who haven't even got a chance to play it deserve that chance, so take a chance SE and their fans, show FEZ some love and let it return the same to you.


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    Poured my heart and soul into this! My heart runs deep in to enternity so theres more than that coming Aeria Games!!!

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    As much as I think I would've thoroughly enjoyed this game back when it was released, I feel that if it made a comeback in the near future, it would be largely overshadowed by games like FFXIV. It just seems too outdated; hell even for it's time the game wasn't in the best of shape, it would need to undergo some serious reworks to compete with modern day MMOs.

    Although having said that, I'd still like to give it a shot and see what warranted such a devout fan base.
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    Ok so despite Fantasy Earth: Zero being in Japan it still hits the american news as if to tease us

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    • Square Enix and Falcom team up for a costume collaboration (Siliconera) – Falcom and Square Enix have teamed up once again, with a Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash collaboration with Square-Enix’s Fantasy Earth Zero.

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    Fantasy Earth Zero

    I know what you are thinking and yeah I might be in over my head with this but I must make a voice to this because I feel this situation has been thrown away like a dirty piece of candy that fell on the floor and mommy wouldn't let you eat it even thought it won't kill you. I'm making this post to get insight on why people think square-enix and the company that they gave the english version rights of Fantasy Earth Zero (FEZ) to discontinue it and throw it out like it was nothing. I as well as countless people loved this MMO. It gave us meaning. some of us lost our jobs falling in love with this game and playing it for hours on in. There was a whole world of politics and campaign going on in that game. The community of players was a great sight to see. I had never seen such getting along and cooperation with a bunch of people in my life. We literally made that in game reality part of our everyday lives and you throw it away like it's nothing. I know this is a bit much considering there are way better games out there. but it wasn't about how good the game was. It was about how strangers came together as one for a common goal. I made so many friends and I'm sure whoever played FEZ did too. Maybe this is my way of venting, maybe I'm disappointed in square-enix forever, I really don't know. However I would Like to know what my FEZ community thinks. If your are out there my comrades please thread on!! Reply To This. Show me that I am not alone on this, I would love to hear you guys thoughts.

    FEZ-Hordaine-Lordrain aka L.R. those that have played knows what that means. Let me hear you guys one last time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Man FEZ community is really dedicated. Had some time and thought I'd search to see if there were any updates. Not much from the looks of it though I did find this forum.

    I'd like to mention that the FEZ community is one of the friendliest and most tight knit community I have ever been a part of. Glad to have been a part of the game since early early on. Never been super pro but I've had my name spread around quite a few guilds and upper players. Hope they're doing alright as well and haven't forgotten the spirit of the game.

    Here's hoping one day, it will be brought back. Although if they do, they need to fix the ping issue. Definitely one of the reasons it died was due to the first couple of weeks after official release being basically unplayable. I look forward to resuming my sneaky sneaky solo missions deep into enemy lines.

    A loyal Dscout of a certain southern purple country.

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    Square Enix shares Tokyo Game Show 2016 lineup (Nova Crystallis)
    - Square Enix has revealed their lineup for Tokyo Game Show this year with the opening of their official event page, set to take place from September 15 through September 18.

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