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Thread: Possible Clan Symbol Inspiration

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    Possible Clan Symbol Inspiration

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year, LoK Forums!

    I don't frequent many forums, so please forgive me if the method in which I'm posting a new thread is at all incorrect, or what have you. If there's any errors in my post or any attachments, I welcome correction and further guidance. Also, I tried to look and see if this has been talked about before, but didn't come up with any results. If I managed to miss something, however, and have created a duplicate thread or brought up something already known amongst the community, I apologize.

    That being said, on to the purpose of this thread's creation:

    Last night I was watching a video regarding the Tibetan language, and in one of the photos I noticed a symbol that bore an uncanny resemblance to the "Stone Glyph" in Soul Reaver. It's a pretty generic symbol but, regardless, I found it interesting enough to try and find exactly what it meant.

    I was willing to dismiss the correlation as mere coincidence, but upon looking into the Tibetan alphabet, I found other examples bearing similarities to the vampire clans' insignia.

    Tibetan consonants can be found below, as well as comparisons to clan symbols, and the aforementioned Stone Glyph.

    My experience with Tibetan is limited to what I've managed to read up on since last night, but from what I understand, the dot's at the corner of the symbols are meant to separate syllables - for those of you that might be curious.

    The comparison to Rahab's symbol isn't as glaring as the others, so I'll admit that I might be reaching a bit with that one.

    Clearly not all that clan symbols (or glyphs, for that matter) are present in the image, so I don't claim that the Tibetan alphabet is a sole inspiration for the design of the clan symbols. This may not be a discovery of much consequence, or much of a discovery at all, but I found the correlation pretty interesting and figured you guys might as well.

    If anyone has any additional insight as to the origins or meanings behind any symbols found in the LoK lore, I'd be pleased to read it!

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    That's awesome! I have a feeling that these indeed were the inspiration for the clan and glyph symbols. I wonder if Cabuco has commented on this at all.

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