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Thread: Horizon troubbbbles

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    Danzas Guest

    Rolleyes Horizon troubbbbles

    Allright. I created a huge room in one of my projects. Then I wanted to take of the roof to make only the sky visible.
    The problem: Normally, when lara's in a big room, the textures (walls etc) in the distance become black to create a distance effect.
    When I take off the roof, (to create a sky) (the walls remain), the horizon(mountains) starts to appear on the spot where normally this blackness appears.
    When I walk towards it , this same horizon dissapears and the walls appear. And this wall should have been visible all the time....
    How can I fix this...

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    Well, I don't think you can! It's something that comes with the TRLE. You can only make the room smaller, or disable the horizon function in your script.

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    Danzas Guest
    allready was affraid so. Thank you anyway collin

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