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FFXI Orignal server

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    FFXI Orignal server

    Hey guys,
    Wouldn't it be awesome If SE released a FFXI server taht has only up to TOA or WOTG expasnsion.

    Back when you only got like 50 exp for kill DC's and you had to party.

    Back to the lvl 75 cap. The fun of BCNM 40.

    The game how it was 4 years ago. Even if they release just a sinlge orignal server.

    A server where you can't transfer accounts into it and have to start a new character. Be like a fresh start.

    Valkurm Dunes parties again <3

    Support this idea if you would like to play the original great game again

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    I'd be game if my PS2 could still connect to the internet. I wound up leaving the game a while after WotG, because I hadn't joined until a while after CoP was released, and it was near impossible to get anything done without having the previous expansions completed. It WAS impossible to get any help on the older content as a player with a sporadic schedule for play.

    I doubt they will do anything like that though, so I am just going to jump on FFXIV as soon as it comes out on the PS3. I even renewed my FFXI subscription so I can have my character name when I go online in August!

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    Indeed, that would be interesting

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