I just wanted to post a message to clear up the confusion surrounding the Spring Break Patch:

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The 'patch' that was placed on the website a few days ago was infact only the game executable, and not the patch in its entirity and thus didn't work. We (Eidos) wholeheartedly apologise for this misdermeanour, and have since replaced the file with the correct executable program [SpringBreakPatch.exe]. When you run the .exe file, a small installer will appear, if not you have the wrong file...

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I'd also like to quash the threads now that the game is wholly buggy and was released before its ready, requiring the patch. Not quite sure why this has come about, but the game DOESNT require the patch. We've only addressed some issues both with gameplay and functionality in response to customer feedback. We've also thrown in some goodies as well for those of you who'd like to download the patch. The downside is your old gamesaves won't work....

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....which we apologise for. This is due to a number of reasons; secruity and version syncronisation being the main two. In hindsight it wasn't the smartest of moves and we do apologise, but there it, unfortunately very little we can do about this. If you're coming close to the end of the game, i would recommended against instlaling the patch.

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Lastly, The Spring Break patch will NOT work with any other versions (i.e. Beach Life) as it updates certain files that are localised to the US (the script for example). Go to for the UK (Beach Life) patch [beachlifepatch.exe] or the relevant foriegn sites for the French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish patches.

I hope this helps everyone.

Kind Regards,

Eidos Interactive.