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Thread: legacy of kain compilation

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    legacy of kain compilation

    Well, I noticed that there has been a LoK compliation scheduled for relaese somethime around September. But I can't find anything about it anywhere else on the site besides the messages boards. I found one on Ebgames though, is it the one I heard about or is it only available at Ebgames? And since Blood Omen is the only game I don't have, I really want it, but since I can't order online, no credit card, I'm gonna have to wait till it hits the stores before I can get it. And since I live in a small town, no EB, so I have to rely on Walmart or Kmart or some other cheapass store. I'm just hoping that it'll get here soon...

    Here's the link...

    Thanks for reading (and possibly answering)

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    Unhappy Me Want Game!

    Yeah, that has been posted around here a couple of times, but thanks anyway! I also have to wait for it to come out in stores.... I hate waiting.... Waiting is a *!

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    Yeah, it's been talked about. In fact, it's out. Check out this thread. I'm prett sure there's another one further back if you look. I'm also pretty sure that it's coming *only* to EB and it's chains (ie: Software,etc. is also a part, and I believe there was another but I forget).

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    Smile Atually...

    ..I saw it at Wal*Mart last weekend, so must not be EB chain-exclusive

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    I saw it at best buy too.

    Anyways, I was disappointed that there are no cool extras. They even cheaped you out with boring CD covers. I wanted cool art work for a special edition type compilation.

    But, I'm just happy I got a copy of SR1 (my first one got stolen). Plus it's always cool to have two BO's and a game I'll never play (fightin force).
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    Thumbs Up

    Well if you ever get bored of Soul Reaver or Blood Omen (yeah, like that'll happen, right?... right?) you can always try out Fighting Force. Something to remembetr in times of boredom. Who knows, it's made by Eidos so it's gotta be good.

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