Thread: Patch doesn't work, people swimming through island

Patch doesn't work, people swimming through island

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    Patch doesn't work, people swimming through island

    What the....I have the US spring break, yes, a legal copy. I tried installing the patch, doesn't do anything and I don't see where it shows the version number anywhere. Downloaded it twice. Also, people are swimming and jet skiing right through the smaller island on Girls Girls Girls as if they were in water. ALSO...people will be queued up for a burger on the beach, complaining about having to wait in a long line, yet there is a second barbeque right next to it that's mechanically sound, and is charging the same price, yet noone will go to it. This happens often, not always. One more major problem, people are complaining that prices are too high soon after I lower them. I had to lower the price of the apartments and hotel so low that I am actually losing money, or else nobody will even stay there. Has anyone else encountered these problems?? Whats up with this worthless patch?? I tried the patch both with and without the game running. I don't far I don't feel I've spent my $30 wisely....

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    I've had the same problem with the US patch. No where does it show that it is now version 1.1. Also, in sandbox mode, not all maps, buidlings, nor beers are available, and the cocktail bar still sells beers. In other words, I can't tell that any of the enhancements mentioned for the patch have been installed!

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    I've had the same problem with the US patch. No where does it show that it is now version 1.1. Also, in sandbox mode, not all maps, buidlings, nor beers are available, and the cocktail bar still sells beers. In other words, I can't tell that any of the enhancements mentioned for the patch have been installed!

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    Ive got the english version of the game and I installed the patch on the UK site and everything works fine (the version number should appear in the top-right of the menu screen).

    But the original problems mentions (people swimming throught the island, barbecue issue etc) I had all those probs on the unpatched version of the game. Im not sure if they have been resolved in the patched version as I havent played it enough to see.

    seems like the US patch don't work!

    Maybe you should try the english patch.... might work?!?!?!?

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    I tried the UK patch on the US version of Spring Break just to see what would happen. Once the UK patch was installed all of the buildings were available in sandbox mode, but the cocktail bar's list of drinks was completely empty. No beers, nothing! So there must be some differences between the US and UK versions.

    I did notice, however, that the UK zip patch file has two files in it. One is an rtf telling how to install the patch and what has changed. The other is the UKBeachLifePatch.exe and it runs and routine to install the patch. In the US version of the patch file there is only one file and it's called springbreak.exe which happens to be the name of the main executable in the installation directory. This file seems to be a replacement for the main executable, and doesn't run an installer. Maybe the wrong stuff was put into the US patch zip file??????

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    Yeah, I noticed that the US patch seems to be a replacement for the exe that's already in the game, I tried replacing that with the patch too, still doesn't do anything. I don't know....all I know is that those people need to get their heads out of their *. Even if/when the patch actually works, you can no longer play saved games. Who has ever heard of a patch that makes saved games unusable?? Whats the point?? I have never heard of such a thing. So in other words, don't bother playing the game until Eidos decides to correct the patch, because once installed, your saved games will be worthless. That could be weeks, months

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    Originally posted by Gespenst
    [B]Who has ever heard of a patch that makes saved games unusable?? Whats the point?? I have never heard of such a thing. [B]
    First, watch your language on these forums. Period.

    Second, I think the patch is working correctly now. Your assessment of probable head-location of someone (not myself, I hasten to add) whose duties were uploading the patch may be on target...but there was another patch uploaded earlier, seems to work fine for me here.

    Third, lots of patches invalidate saved games. Look around. I can point you directly at several, from us and other companies, if required. Whether or not a patch invalidates saves is usually a question of programming, and different Eidos developers (as well as those of other companies) program their game engines differently, so it depends on the game and developer more than anything else as to whether saves get preserved or not.

    Go download the US patch for Spring Break again and re-apply it (probably a good idea to uninstall all files and reinstall the game first), it should work correctly now, and you get my apology on behalf of Eidos for the incredible inconvenience caused.

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    First of all, I have been playing PC games for 10 years, I have never heard of any patch that invalidates previously saved games. If there are companies that do that....I have one thing to say about that....2 wrongs don't make a right. That is unacceptable, "period". People pay good money for these games, and look forward to playing them. It is quite disappointing knowing that there is no point in playing a brand new game because as soon as the patch is installed, the saved games will be unusable, and the patch is not working. I had no idea of knowing when the patch would be working, probably still isn't, I'll find out in about 5 minutes. As far as whose fault it is, I don't care. That is not the consumer's job to figure out, we did our part by paying $30 for the game. This game was not ready for release, period.

    As far as your sarcastic remark of apologizing for the "incredible inconvenience", that's right, it is an incredible inconvenience. I buy a new game, I expect to be able to play it. Not to have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling, trying different things, not knowing what the deal is, not being able to contact anyone who knows anything about it, not knowing when they would get around to uploading a patch that actually works. It's bad enough that we have to download a patch for a brand new game as it is. This game was not ready for release.

    PC game developers whine about how it's so difficult to design games for PC's because "the systems are all different". If the systems are all different, then why does it tell you exactly what you need to play the game? You do not offer support for anyone unless their computer specs meet the exact requirements for that game. They tell you exactly what you need to play the game, so why don't they design the game with those specific specs/computers in mind? It's a big joke, it really is. And if the word * (asteriks) offends you, then God be with you when you step out of your cave for the first time and walk into the real world.

    Classic case of consumers being ripped off, not being offered easy, quick technical support, constant problems with the games, people need to stop buying PC games altogether until the developers stop screwing everyone around. My brother is a graphics designer for a PC game developer, and he even says it's all a big joke, and that they really could make the games right the first time if they wanted to, it all has to do with $$$

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    You get no arguement from me about several of your comments and opinions, however all I can say about you having never seen a patch that invalidates saves is...lucky you. I don't contest the inconvenience or the fact that in my opinion, games should never need a patch in the first place. That however is not the reality, which I simply point out without endorsing.

    I also point out the reality that while sailor-talk may be fine for you, the Eidos forums maintain a 'PG-13' rating and that children really do come around and read the forums. I know, because I have had the joy of responding to the outraged emails (over the occaisional hostile and or curse-laden post) of their parents myself. We don't allow cursing or hostility here. So please...if you post do so with that in mind.

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    Well, I have no problem with maintaining a clean board, but if you consider * (asteriks) to be "sailor talk", then you have a warped view of what sailor talk is. There are no improper words in any of my posts, and if you think a 13 year old will be offended by anything I have said or would learn any new bad words, then you obviously don't know any 13 year olds, kids nowadays use words I have never heard before, and I have used none of them on this board. I find it very hard to believe that a parent would email you complaining about anything I have said. It's not like I was going off in a torrent of hostility and obscenities, or referring to anything obscene, so get real. You are only trying to find something to complain about so you can feel that you had the last word, period. Doesn't matter, I won't be returning to this board anyway, I didn't realize this was the Romper Room forum

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    Errr....whatever dude. Previous experience with other folks of colorful expression have taught me to nip it in the bud. And you can believe whatever you want, but what I said is no joke. I guess the best thing is for you to go somewhere you don't feel so put upon by ridiculous authoritarian keep things clean and don't insult the host of the party.

    And oh yeah... I always have the last say.