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game crashing

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    game crashing

    the game installed fine, or so i thought. i go to start the game, and after it loads the level i choose, it crashes to desktop. iv done scan disk and defrag and all the other things they recomend me to do. i even downloaded the patch, but when i go to install it, i get an error message saying that the program has performed an illegal operation. iv been having problems installing other games too, getting similar errors. iv had people tell me that i could have bad ram, but im not sure. got any suggestions?

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    I would advise posting the spec of your machince before you will get any answers.

    Also your OS

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    Could I Recommend that you get the latest drivers for your sound + graphics card.

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    Unhappy .

    iv gotten all the latest drivers, my computer specs are

    win 98se
    athlon 2000
    80gig hd
    512mb ddr ram
    geforce 2 64mb card

    iv had problems with the installation of other games, for instance, i got the magazine with the asherons call 2 beta cd. i go to install the game and it tells me the file has become corrupt, please obtain another copy of the file and try again. well i used 3 different discs, all with the same error. when i try to install neverwinter nights, it stops installation half way through and says it cannot complete installation. maybe its something im just not thinkin of, who knows. had the game over a week and still cant play it, heh.

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    Im interested to know why you got quite a high spec system and you are running win98se?!?!?

    Surely its time to update your OS... and I could probably put a safe bet that updating your OS will get Beachlife (spring break) working!

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    im running win98 because i had a copy of it, i dont have win xp yet. i didnt buy this system already built, i would get stuff on sale at a store called Frys and just built it over a period of like 3 months. all together it cost less than $700 to build it, i just havent gotten around to spending the money to get win xp yet. but im sure ill get it soon.

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    When running win 95/98 on an AMD machine you should use the install the EIDE drivers. Depending upon which chipset your motherboard has then there are several places to download these from.

    if you have the standard VIA chipset download the 4in1 drivers from.

    if you have a Motherboard with AMD-768, AMD-766, or AMD-756 Peripheral Bus Controller (Southbridge),00.html

    for other chips refer to your motherboard manufacturers site.

    Once you have downloaded these drivers, you should be able to enable DMA on your hard drives which should improve performance on your system no end. (this might clear the problem up)

    Could I also ask what hard you have? ie Manufacturer and model number.


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    I had this same problem when I first installed it, and I found out that I had way to many programs on my computer to support the game, try getting rid of programs and downlaods, etc... that you don't use and don't need, after I did that it ran fine.