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Thread: LOK series Art Contest: POST ART HERE!!

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    Smile LOK series Art Contest: POST ART HERE!!

    Hello Artists,
    Thanks to the great idea by Necropotence, we are having an Legacy of Kain series Art Contest! Any original Blood Omen or Soul Reaver themed art is welcome. It can be drawings, computer art, paintings, sculptures, you name it. You must be able to post it or a photo of it here in the LOK forums. The deadline for the contest is October 15, 2002 and will be judged by some members of the Blood Omen 2 and Soul Reaver team. Pick your favorite piece of art to enter in the contest, there is only one entree per person.

    The prizes are as follows:

    1st prize - Soul Reaver 2 poster and SR1-2 promo soundtrack
    2nd prize - Soul Reaver 1 promotional stand up and SR1-2 promo soundtrack
    3rd prize - SR1-2 promo soundtrack

    This thread is for FINAL ENTREES into the contest ONLY! Any discussions in this thread will be deleted. Thanks.

    Crystal Dynamics

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    Well, here's my piece...

    "Kain killed me once-behold the result. I have no more to fear from you." Raziel - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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    necropotence's entry:

    edit: placed on more stable server

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    And here is mine

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    here's mine

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    Here's Mine (Portrait)

    You'll have to click on the link because I am trying to spare those with low bandwidth...since it's 1024x600 res...

    *NOTE* Some of you may have to copy & past the link's URL into the browser to get my pic to view properly...

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    Here is the entry for Manda.
    (She has also probs to register.)

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    Gorechild's entry:

    edit: placed on more stable server

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    nathans entry

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    Wink Picasso, I am not...

    Okay, here goes nothing. I will also be posting this on my upcoming fansite, but don't expect me to draw very many more. . (Btw, thanks to willow for helping me with coloring and seeing no one gave me an answer on using screenshots, my background is a screenshot, hope it's alright).

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    Prefallen Raziel

    My entry:

    edit: placed on more stable server

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    Sarah's entry:

    edit: Placed on more stable server

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    my entry

    Brought to you by Esoteric. *huggles her for the borrowed space*

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    Smile And my entry...

    *hugs CD back* No prob, girlie.

    Here is my entry:
    "Ularach" - Time-Streaming Ancient

    Inspired by the SR2 murals. Character done in Adobe Photoshop 6, background done in Painter 7 using a wacom tablet.

    [Edit] Realized after the fact that the jpeg compression had made my wings mushy. Grrr...! So I saved the image at a better jpeg quality. Seems to have helped.

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    okie dokie

    Okie, here's mine (Im gonna link to it, for those with slow computers)

    (sorry its a little big, but I couldnt shrink it any more)

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    My brother made the pic. (org) was taken by digicam while (scan) was taken by the scanner, but they're actually 1 picture.

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    Big Grin Here's my entry

    Well chris said "let your imagination run wild " and well......I did.

    No fire:

    Kind of makes you wonder what kain does in his spare time while raziel is running around doing everybody's business. Its done in pencil, scanned and colored in photoshop. I am posting both just so that people can see what he looked like withouth the fire.

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    Big Grin Here we go... fingers crossed!

    Some of you might recognize it as a picture that I made a long time ago... only this time it's in color.

    I wanted to make an original picture, but unfortunately for some reason I couldn't make one...

    Still I like the way how this one turned out. Good luck to us all!

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    Unfortunately both pictures I had started for this just are not going to be finished so I'm falling back on one of my older drawings.

    Here it is:

    Just a small souvenir...
    “Knowledge is simply opinion we trust enough to act upon.” - Orson Scott Card

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    my pic ^^

    I too didn't have anytime to make a new much as i wanted to.
    So i'll post an old one ^^ Sorry to those who have seen it and might have been expecting a new one! ^o^

    Done with Tria Markers and edited in Photoshop

    u might have to cut and paste the link to view it...!
    Damn geocities ~_~

    Good luck everyone!

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    The Reaver is the Key

    Also ran out of time... here is my entry:

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