Thread: A few questions about "Oblivion".

A few questions about "Oblivion".

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    Question A few questions about "Oblivion".

    First things first. I need the key for trial 3 becuase I just finished trial 2. Were is it? And do I need to do trial 1 even though it's "under repiars"? Is there anything in trial 1 at all? Next I have the key to trial 4 but not the second part of trial 4. What I mean is after I fall down the pit in to the tile room in trial 4 I can't open the swaer grate. How do I open it? And finally there is one thing in particular bugging me about this FM. I have noticed several rooms with doors that don't open and it souds like someones slepping on the other side. Is there anything in those rooms at all?

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    You don't need to do Trial 1, since it is broken. The key to Trial 3 is in a cell somewhere, but I can't tell you exactly how to get there. It's not far from the Library, I seem to recall.

    To open the floor grate in Trial 4, you have to push a button in each corner of the room. As for the rooms that you couldn't open where you heard someone sleeping, I'm afraid I can't help with that.

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    this is one of the best fms of 99.....those rooms with the sleeping people open later in the fm. i never finished this one on the middle difficulty becuase of absolute exhaustion.