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Thread: LOK series Art Contest Discussion

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    I must admit-Fox's entry made me laugh. Gave a whole new meaning to "Air Reaver".

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    Phew! I made it!
    I'm not too happy with the result, but at least it's in.

    Amazing entries, all of them.

    I'll make a quick thumbnails page now.

    Quick indeed! =D

    Thumb nails page:

    It's just the entries on a page, really. I hope I'm not offending anyone by doing this...

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    Big Grin

    Looking cool Dylan! At first glance I thought it was made in 3D, because the lighting looks very good.

    I like the thumbnailpage, it's a lot more "overzichtelijk"... forgot the english word.

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    Thanks Dylan for the thumb nail page lets you see them all next to each other really

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    woah ! (again)

    Hey Dylan, the thumbnails page looks GREAT, thanks for doing that, its a lot easier to view all the art work now ^__^ *2 claws up*

    The deadline is almost here! *runs in circles* I just wanna say good luck to you all, theres some real fine artwork there!

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    Thumbs Up

    Phew! I'm glad the page is appreciated!

    I agree, the submitted artwork is just so mindblowing! The guys at Crystal will have a hard time deciding who the winner's will be...

    Chris: I intended to keep that page up for a while, please feel free to make use of it or send the url around.

    (There is a very slight chance it will be temporarily down in a few days, if that happens, I have a backup server.)

    Good luck everyone!

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    This is mine pict for the art contest...

    ... what do you think?


    I wish luck to you all!


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    Smile What do you guys think?

    Hey there,
    We are beginning the judging on the Art contest and it is pretty difficult. Just wondering what the fans might think. Post which art you think should win, or your top 5 favorites. This will not effect the final judging, but I am just curious of your opinions. Thanks.
    Crystal Dynamics

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    Won't that bring about potential biased opinions (perhaps coming from the artists)?

    Any word on how long the voting will take. I didn't notice if you set a deadline for it or not. I wanna know who wins da*nit*!

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    Smile nice site...

    Nice web site by the way.
    Our judges are pretty busy, but we plan to meet next week to make the final decisions. As far as you all picking your favorites, it is fine to be biased in my opinion. If you think your art is the best, fine with me. I was just interested in what you all thought. You could just pick you 5 favorites, they don't have to be in any sort of order. I already know which ones I like the best.
    Crystal Dynamics

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    Thats cool.

    As far as thinking mine is the best. HA! Please. LOL I have the art-skills of a toad. Hahahah!

    (My thing is graphics and websites)

    I'll have to go through and look through them again.

    Are we listing them here?

    Thanks for the compliment on the site btw! I have some more "interesting" plans for it soon... Muahhahaha.

    EDIT Alright, I think I'm going to start a new thread for the top 5 lists. That way we won't have to hunt through the discussion for the results and people will see the thread and be more likely to participate.

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    Cool My favorites

    Hey chris you asked so here are my favorites

    and Stepan's

    I liked them all those are just my favorites in no peticular order.

    Umah nice site would you like me to E-mail you some other art, I've got lot's laying around.

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    Psst.... Art Contest Top 5 List in the thread down the hall.

    Sure you can submit some art to me. The requirements are listed in a thread called submit art to

    or you can find them on my site.

    Basically, you need to include the title and a short description of the piece and it has to be in .jpg/.jpeg/.gif/.png format only.

    The addy is:

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