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Thread: The whereabouts of Sugar Sprinkled Starfish

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    Exclamation The whereabouts of Sugar Sprinkled Starfish

    To whom it may concern SSS has taken a leave of absence for awhile because she is unable to access any internet pages, So she cant update the quote game, We all wish her speedy return im sure.

    CG - signing off

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    we hope u come back to us soon sss!!!!!!!!!!!

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    no wonder she's been gone so long....i knew there had to be a better reason than she forgot about us

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    I was wondering where she was... Thanks Creamy Goodness for telling us I hope she returns soon, we'll miss her!

    (EDIT: Spelling )

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    yay i woz wondering were she woz thx creamy_goodness

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    Oh, thank you

    No, my browser hasn't been fixed yet, but hopefully someone called Colin will e-mail us the answers. I'm on a different computer at the moment.

    I will return!

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