Thread: Does our feedback get sent to Square's Managers?

Does our feedback get sent to Square's Managers?

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    Robert Peeler, Where Are You?

    Are your still the Community Manager for Square Enix North America? If so, you state that you'll be our guide through this new site, regular Square Enix promotions, news coverage and more!

    Yet, there has been little to no new information on what is going on with site improvements and when we can expect reported issues to be resolved.

    Robert Peeler, if you are still alive, an update to regarding this new site would be appreciated!



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    Robert is still a Community Manager for Square Enix North America. He's been extremely busy, there's a lot that is going on and we're launching a lot of games.

    I already let him know you're looking for him.

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    I wouldn't classify Robert Peeler's "Quote a Game" as substantial informational site announcement. What about finding out Achievements or the LV.1 in your avatar are for? How about fixing the registered games (it is shameful this function is broke) and know how many points have been earned this year. These are all things, to my knowledge, that have not be answered since to site was revamped... what 4+ months ago.<o></o>

    Why does this have to be so secretive? You&rsquo;ve revealed these areas on the site; just tell us what they are for and when they&rsquo;ll be active already!<o></o>

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    Thanks for the month clarifaction - but still no excuse for Robert Peeler to leave us all hanging for an extended time.

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    Hello, no excuses necessary, unfortunately there aren't any current updates to those systems--nothing secret left undone, just at the moment no changes.

    I'll try to keep you aware more often what the status is on pending concerns, but I hope you can understand any hesitance on my part to drop in and remind you that long requested items currently don't have any progress we can speak to.

    You're absolutely right however in feeling you deserve an update, I just wish I had better news to deliver. I'll do better to let you know when new info drops or that we still need more time on that aspect.

    Also sorry about not replying sooner, and thanks to Shawn for stepping in/speaking up. I did have a day out of the office yesterday and only just noticed this thread.

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    then why did Square see fit to deploy this site if it was not complete? Hell, the old site was better IMO. At least you could see (on the old site) where your were at in regards to games owned, points earned and releated tier. At the very least, you would think Square has db and web resources to fix the most glaring faults (as bolded above) on this site in a timely manner - not leaving it broke for 4 months.

    If you (Robert Peeler) cannot get this site righted, who can I email my concerns too?

    PS: The Contact Us link in Site Navigation is just about usless for contacting anyone at Square Enix. You might want to have that fixed (low priority) too!

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    I see no problem with the link to the Square Enix Support Center:

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    Originally Posted by Grimoire

    I see no problem with the link to the Square Enix Support Center:

    K. I will do the support center call thing - though I was hoping for more of a direct email contact - i have a feeling it (support center call) will be as useless as a Admin/Mod reply to most reported site issues here. Its so sad that a high profile company as Square Enix has such a poorly maintained website - my 2 cents.

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    Does any of our feedback on the site get back to management at Square?

    Would like to voice my opinion on the direction of the Final Fantasy series but if my feedback really isn't being filtered and fed to Square's senior managers then I would like to know.

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    I am a Manager at our company and my job is to take in all the feedback on these forums. Our content is disseminated to all relevant interests in formats they can understand and utilize, so yes, we do pass on feedback.

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    Does Square Enix even listen to their fans?

    People have been asking for Final Fantasy Type-0 to be released in North America and EU, but SE says never. SE you can just release the game digital in the PSN store and make it playable for the PSP and the PS Vita. Why is that so hard to do?

    Why can't SE release Final Fantasy Agito in NA/EU?

    People are asking for SE mobile games like FFD and others to be release on the consoles and the PC, what is hard about that? You can use steamworks, and there is your DRM. Also mobile games can be released on the handheld, so why can you release it on the 3DS/Vita?

    Is it possible to release all your catalog of games on the PC via Steam? ie Fear Effect, Parasite Eve, all Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

    So am I wasting my time being a fan of SE?