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Final Fantasy VII Prequel

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    Final Fantasy VII Prequel

    For several years, I've been hoping Squeenix would create a game set in the FF7 world during the time of the Ancients (or Cetra). It would be focused around the events occurring from the calamity that fell from the sky, and the black materia. A new cast of characters could be formed from the residents of the city of ancients (Forgotten City), and possibly the ones Sephiroth spoke of, who wanted to permanently settle on the planet. For the sake of continuity, some of the characters could be descendants of the cast of FF7 (particularly Nanaki). What do you think? Would a game like this piqué your interest?

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    That would be really interesting, it could probably focus around the Calamity when it fell from the sky and how maybe the people were divided between remaining peaceful and fighting to remove it from their land. It could go into how the people slowly began to die from the Calamity until the main character and Nanaki's parents were some of the last people left, and the main character had his daughter with him. In the end, she could grow to be Aerith's biological mother.

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    Exactly! I think the calamity (Jenova) fell 2K years before the events in FF7, but connecting Aries' lineage would make for a great story! They could always explain the long life of Aries' mother (Ifalna) by saying she was preserved by the life stream, if they want her to live that long. Bugenhagen said that Nanaki's race had a very long life span, so his parents might have been around during that period.

    There's so much potential for a game based on those events! It's tied to the FF7 world, but not so closely that it would limit a lot of original ideas and themes. They could even show how different clans were formed from the disputing people, tht would later go on to form the different regions (Wutai, etc.). A possible title for such a game? Final Fantasy 7: Calamity Fall. I'll keep dreaming until its a reality.