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Beachlife demo

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    Can be found here

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    Downloaded and played it last night.

    Good times.

    It seems to run like the old Bullfrog's "Theme Park," which later became Maxis' "SimThemePark." But, obviously, more adult. I think this could turn out to be a decent little management game.

    The demo was very misleading, though - you basically had to abandon all common sense and good business practice to meet the Scenario goals in time. I would have preferred a small Sandbox option as well for the demo - to give a more realistic feel of what day-to-day management of your resort would be like.

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    I agree, I ended up lowering my beer prices to $1.00 with no profit to meet the deadline of 300 capehorn beers sold within 3 days, although I finished the demo in 4 minutes of my quickest attempt (using the highspeed option since there was little to do once you built the prerequisite 3 buildings and adjusted beer sellers to sell capehorn beer only at the lower price.

    While it's interesting to watch the guests go about their business, the demo is not a very good overall impression of the real game that has been reported to have so much more, and it's 165MB download is enormous for such a small senario demo, but I guess it has to have in all the animations and sound to run.

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    I have to agree.. The game looks liek it has the possibilty of being pretty wicked... I always enjoyed Rollercoaster Tycoon, THe SIms, and Sim City.. however after downlaoding the demo over the period of three days( dial up modems suck ) I am pretty much dissapointed.. Theres not much information on controls or such. I am curious.. If I get a phone call how do I pause the game? you can rotate teh buildings but can you swing around the island? Come on Eidos, this has the potential of being agood game but the demo really, really sucks, how about a differant demo with more of a tutorial, maybe two differant levels one the sandbox mode and the other maybe teh first level???? with a tutorial. I am really frustrated at this 162mb download that is pretty much unplayable...

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    Dont hold your breath..... Generally games like these are 80% sandbox games. Sure they can have senarios, but the main game still falls under sandbox, so it seems unlikely that they will offer sandbox in a demo anytime soon. I dont recommend people with dialup accounts download this demo, it's just too skimpy for a 165MB demo.

    The one thing that RCT has in it that makes it interesting? The design of your own rollercoasters. All these other simulife type games can't beat that, because quite honestly, there isnt much to do in them. Sim Golf is close since you actually build a course, but Beachlife, you dont actually build anything yourself, you just tell someone to build a building. Thats neither good nor bad, just the way of Tycoonism, whether you want to call it that or not.

    In any event, it is a shame that they put out such a small skimpy demo, perhaps they should have cut the sound or something from it to make it smaller and easier for dialup users to download. I want to pick up th efull game (I kinda enjoy just watching little people on my screen go about their business at times), but alas it wont work with my ati radeon 9000 video card, and Im waiting on ati to produce new drivers, beta, alpha, dont care. Then if the demo works, I'll pick it up in the store.

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    Yeah .. to me though its not teh idea of building the thigns myself really it's jsut I think that they don't really give much explntion on how to actually play the game itself.. I mean sure.. it tells you what you have to do .. and some of it is pretty easy to figure out... but there are things that are left unsiad and I can't find any way to do it.. a help button somewhere would be nice... a pause button perhaps.. can I make more space to put the buildings? in teh demo I jsut don't have enough "land" space to build the buildings that thye are askign for.. and the complaints are coming so fast that its almost inpossible to keep up.. its one thing after another.. I'm a big fan of games like this and from waht i understand the fullv ersion offers lots of ply value... basically the demo sucks.

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    No, there is enough space to put the 3 buildings required. Cleaning shack, Themebar and Themedance club, you can also squeeze in a bathroom on the small amount of space provided.

    You just have to move the bathroom all the way to the left so it overlaps part of the beach, it will then produce a walkway on the beach, the rest of the three can be built on the supplied ground, by squeezing them together. Just dont waste any space putting unnecessary buildings on the "buildable" land that could otherwise go on the beach itself.