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Thread: Plot Speculations

Plot Speculations

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    I'm genuinely looking forward to this game, and seems like they are focusing on the fabula nova crystallis mythos with the gods and stuff.

    Here's a pretty nice interview via,

    The game’s lead development staff including Director Motomu Toriyama, Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryou and Game Design Director Yuji Abe have assembled to tell all following last week’s reveal of the finale to Lightning’s saga.

    Kitase: Including the initial development of novels and FFXIII-2’s DLC, Lightning Returns is also part of this extension [of the FFXIII series.] This production can be seen as the conclusion of the Lighting Saga which connects back to FFXIII-2. It closes the Lightning saga, but it’s not a game to be held to the rest of the series, and we’re building new gameplay systems for it. The title reflects that, and it is also stressed once again that this is the last game that will portray Lightning.

    Kamikokuryou: Kitase has requested the logo to be different from previous FFs, so that’s why we changed it.

    Toriyama: The concept this time is the newly coined term, “World Driven.” The first entry (FFXIII) was mainly tied by story and can be called “Story Driven.” XIII-2 was mainly conducted by player’s choices and can be said to be “Player Driven.” The world of Lightning Returns is changing within every moment depending on the action of the player. This is what we mean by “World Driven.”

    Abe: The time passing in game is tied to real world time – you can witness the various changes. This entry’s story progresses through quest completions. Actions such as completing quests will increase the timer. One day in the game equates to about 1-2 hours in real world time. LRFFXIII starts 13 days before the end of the world. Depending on player’s actions, it is possible that the 13th day may not be reached as each action can alter the time remaining in the world.

    Toriyama: If you Game Over, you’ll be able to carry over all of your items to the next play through. We designed it that way so that the game can be enjoyed many times because of this.
    Abe: The game’s clear time for one play through is designed to not be longer than many tens of of hours.

    Toriyama: World Driven also means that the game has links to the real world. In an online environment there are devices that users can use naturally to communicate.
    Kitase: It’s an even greater experience compared to the Facebook connection found in FFXIII-2.

    Toriyama: The world of Lightning Returns came into being at the end of XIII-2 when the Chaos of Valhalla combined with the real world. Novus Partus – the new world – begins to decay as a result of this. Because of the effects of Chaos, time has stopped for all people. They do not age nor die, and this has been going on for hundreds of years.

    The people in the game are emotionally affected by this sense of immortality, and they’ve grown to see death in a completely different way.

    Toriyama: I can’t give out details yet, but the main characters from previous the entries will also make appearances.

    Kamikokuryou: The illustration of Novus Partus was designed to bring together all the elements in a single image. The idea behind it is a world formed with Etro’s shrine and the distant celestial bodies.

    Toriyama: The former form of Novus Partus was Gran Pulse; however, it is now mixed with the ensuing Chaos which has destroyed most of its original form. The last bit of land left is the stage of this installment. There are two continents of natural terrain and two continents of urban environments for a total of four pieces that make up the current world.

    Kamikokuryou: The city of light, Luxerion, has an unbelievable presentation much like a fairy tale. I wanted to make something distorted from reality. The scenario stems from a world going towards its end, and so the design also reflects that by mixing gothic elements into it.

    I put the monorail system into the art because you’re traveling freely around this big world, and I thought it would be good if this type of transport could be featured in it. Toriyama and the rest of the team liked the idea enough that they decided to implement it as part of the gameplay.

    Toriyama: Lightning’s goal is to figure out how to save the world.
    Toriyama: About Serah, let’s just say that she went on journey to “save all” for now.

    Toriyama: So far, every installment has focused on a different god. This time the story is related to the awakening of Bhunivelze. The people of Luxerion worship him and wish for him to return to bring about a new world.

    Toriyama: The purpose of this project is to completely revive Lightning as a character, and so that is the reason why she is the only one playable. The degree of personalization for her will be quite high.

    Abe: The game features something known as Styles as part of the customization system. You can set up several outfits comprised of various equipment which create different skills for battle. Players can preset different Styles and change between them in this way. Instead of selecting commands, you will be pressing buttons that correspond to individual abilities.

    Dress Spheres from FFX-2 were similar to jobs, but the Styles here are more about deconstructing the individual elements that make up jobs. Abilities are also different from before. For example, you can’t create a pure “White Mage” – that’s why we are calling it Styles because it works differently from your typical job system. There is a lot of freedom in terms of customization, so you can create a well-balanced character or an all-powerful one.

    Toriyama: Even though the battle system is similar to an action game, there still will be an ATB gauge.

    Abe: Lightning fights by herself with the focus is solely on her, so the player can move around with a great amount of freedom. The gameplay will also have timing based mechanics.

    Kamikokuryou: This time, the number of organic based monsters has also increased.

    Toriyama: Boss battles and tougher enemy types are being designed to be a rich battle experience. The key will be to destroy various body parts on the monsters.

    Kitase: Because the motion for both Lightning and the monsters has increased, the variation of battles will be plentiful.

    Abe: We’ll try our best to make sure everything we’ve said in this interview becomes a reality.

    Kamikakuryou: Most of the in-game assets have been newly designed. Novus Partus has been created from the ground up out of many drawings. Lightning herself also looks quite beautiful now.

    Toriyama: The game’s development is at about 30% currently. This is the final title with which Lightning can see a happy ending. She’s going to face a final trial in this battle, one that puts her against the very legend that she spent all this time creating. Even though there aren’t multiple endings, you certainly can run into bad endings if you run out of time – resulting in the world being destroyed.

    Kitase: Lightning has been with us since 2006, so we’ve known her for a long time. She will be the focus in Lightning Returns to compensate for the fact that she didn’t see much screen time in the previous game.

    I'm liking the styles concept too, and finally tougher battles (battles in XIII-2 were a joke). I'm looking forward to all the freedom of movement Lightning would have.

    But one GLARING plot hole is staring me in the face. So people haven't aged for 100s of years thanks of the power of chaos, which destoryed all time right? (I still think it's silly to be set so far into the future...imagine living for 100s of years without aging...) But then why in the world is there a clock that counts down the time til the end of the world, when all time cease to exist? Big plot hole right there. I'm now kinda scared to see what other major plot holes there will be since there's already such a big one before it's even out.

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    Maybe time resumes when Lightning awakens from her crystal stasis? But I dunno anymore...I'm genuinely interested in the game and looking forward to maining Lightning again, but the whole things is pretty screwy, lol xD

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    Originally Posted by new_tradition

    Maybe time resumes when Lightning awakens from her crystal stasis? But I dunno anymore...I'm genuinely interested in the game and looking forward to maining Lightning again, but the whole things is pretty screwy, lol xD

    I'm also looking forward for another go with Lightning as a protagonist. The game sounds fun right now, but a few things I've mentioned already have me feeling weird about. As much as I love this series, I think it could have been far greater than how 13-2 and this new game went/are going. Am I alone on this one? lol

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    The time element sounds even more confusing than the plot in the Kingdom Hearts games.

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    I think they shouldn't have gone down the "time" element road with time traveling and now the time clock thingy in LR:FF. Seems like quite a deviation to the XIII story in which time travel + time elements were not a factor at all. Although one may argue, Vanille and Fang are essentially 500 years into the future, and there's a time element thing with the l'cie brand...but that's different IMO than what is presented in XIII-2 and possibly LR:FF.

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    This game is ruined already this People never age and die thing...

    but yeah lightning chase a murderer yeahhh of course.. and hope help her.. how can somebody die when people never aged or don't have heart never

    And 1 ending thats nothing WE DESERVE to chose how will finish this game...

    I predicate the ending: Lightning kill the final enemy the every character from ff13 will be reunited in novus spartus or (novus spartus will be fade away and Gran pulse and old coccoon will be back) then they calli'n a gruppen party lol..

    NO thanks Toriyama

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    Originally Posted by gyigyo

    This game is ruined already this People never age and die thing...

    but yeah lightning chase a murderer yeahhh of course.. and hope help her.. how can somebody die when people never aged or don't have heart never Toriyama

    Just because they can't age doesn't mean they can't still be physically killed. Try thinking for once.

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    I honestly hope they go with the simple character driven route. Can't go wrong in my eyes.

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    Am I the only one getting a bit of a Majora's Mask vibe from this?

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    Nope. It also reminds me of Valkyrie Profile.

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    Yeah, it feels a lot like Majora's Mask to me too, I just hope that we don't have to start time over just to get to an important quest or something, the way that we had to in Majora's Mask, especially since the "thirteen days" in LR will last quite a bit longer than the "three days" did in LOZ:MM.

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    As a FFXIII Fan I personally love the series and really hope to see how SE completes this good saga. I love every game of the series even though there's only 2 each was a Fun, Action Packed, and Beautiful ! I'm really excited for this finishing piece and I'm already Siked about pre-order !

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    If we can get to the last path in the game within 12 hrs, do we get Excalibur II? lol

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    Originally Posted by Cope26

    I'm also looking forward for another go with Lightning as a protagonist. The game sounds fun right now, but a few things I've mentioned already have me feeling weird about. As much as I love this series, I think it could have been far greater than how 13-2 and this new game went/are going. Am I alone on this one? lol

    I feel exactly the same way.

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    I'm more curious about if this means that children aren't born anymore. If people don't age, then anyone who was a baby hundreds of years ago would still be a baby... Sticky situation, I imagine it will be explained as sorcery and witchcraft. I do echo earlier sentiments though, and I feel like Lightning is probably the reason time starts ticking again.

    Oh, also. The 'time' that stopped appears to just be centered around aging and that kind of thing. Since the sun still rises and sets, I would imagine that human-measured time exists in some form. Hm.

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    I noticed some people seem to be thinking the day/night cycle mechanic and the time drain = 13-26 hours. This is how I interpreted it by what 1up said and Yuji Abe from a gameplay/story perspective.

    The Doomsday Clock only decreases/increases by actions. It's not constantly going down. There can be as many days possible within the game, but the doomsday clock is the only thing that is affected. 1up compares this to Valkyrie Profile and Dragon Quarter rather than Majora's Mask. Abe states the same, some things like liberating monsters or quests increases it, but certain actions like reviving your self or using a time-sensitive attack will drain the clock.

    With that said, the Doomsday clock is relatively different from actual time. Like in reality, current events this year has it 5 minutes before midnight. Which is probably why actual time is not flowing at all. However, event-based it is. That's how I view it.

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    I'm pretty sure I remember reading something on Andriasang saying the clock would be running all the time. Also, the One-Up article specifically mentions that there will be clocks all over the towns and whatnot to reflect the passage of time. However, from everything I've read I feel that One-Up is right. It's far more like Valkyrie Profile ansd Dragon Quarter...

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    I think that is only there to signify what has become of everything so far due to your actions. Like 1up states time is a currency in this game.

    The concept of the doomsday clock from the presentation is also presented as being action-based.

    Andriasang backs it with a couple of points as well,

    "Depending on your actions, the remaining life of the world could decrease, and the game could end before the 13 day limit."

    "There are some times when helping someone will decrease the life of the world."

    And andriasang said that, not 1up haha. But yeah^ I believe it's all action-based by whats been said so far. You can show your progression even if it's not constantly moving since all your actions affect the clock in someway.

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    I meant Andriasang, I was typing way ahead of myself. The only mention of One-Up I meant to type was agreeing with the Valkyrie Profile assessment. Although as an aside, the One-Up article does call it a count-down so... I can see the sense in what you're saying but I'm just not sold on it yet. I'll need to see Square come out and directly say one way or the other.

    EDIT: Actually, I found something in the original presentation that directly contradicts your idea. Yuji Abe says, and I quote, "In the game, the clock continuously moves forward on a standard basis. [He then demonstrates the clock ticking) But it can also be reversed by certain actions."

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    Hmm it still contradicts what they said in future news posts. He also right after compares it to the Doomsday clock as I was talking about and then continues forth saying, miracles take a toll on time, but actions that help the world increase the time. Same as on Andriasang.

    I guess it'll be a wait and see game. I hope I'm right cause they state, "We want you to spend as much time as possible in this world."

    I hope the first shed of news clarifies this because no preview for the demo mentions the clock constantly draining and what he later says indicates something else.

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    Agreed. Honestly I think your idea sounds like the best way to do it. We can hope!

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    I totally agree. it'd be a pain to have the clock running all the time. I mean, what if I forget to pause when I go to grab a snack or something? I'd have to go and kill random monsters or something to gain more time, just to be sure that the world doesn't end if I forget to press the pause button again. That's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

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    That is a pretty big exaggeration, yeah. It might be a pain, but then again it'd certainly encourage people to pay more attention. With the current information I'd prefer it to be static and go up or down by actions, but if it's the other way I honestly won't mind. It's just more incentive for me to play the game over again so I can see/do absolutely everything.

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    Am I the only one that thinks this game is going to be AMAZING!!

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    Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but I'm increasingly of the oppinion that they're really messing things up, but I'm still gonna buy the game regardless, so who am I to talk?

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