Thread: um...can you do me a favour?

um...can you do me a favour?

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    um...can you do me a favour?

    I'm frustrated to the " Girls! Girls! Girls!" stage. Can someone send me the save file which is after the "Girls! Girls! Girls!" stage?
    So I can skip it and play the afterwards stage.

    Please kindly send me by email at


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    I can do that.... when I get home from work. I can give you a save file for the scenario straight after the girls girls girls stage (you have to earn £30,000 in one day.... I haven't tried it yet, been to busy playing sandbox).

    But what probs are you having with the girls girls girls stage... I found that one quite easy (the shark one I found tricky).

    I set all my beer to Cape Horn and turnt it 3/4 up and had romping sessions going on all night and day (had about 120 romps in the end )

    But Ill send you the file when I get home.... although you might alreay have one then, but Ill send it anyway.

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    Big Grin Thanks

    I can just get 2 romps although I try so many times. they were just keep fighting on the beach after drinking the beer.

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    I think one type of beer makes them want to fight more than another...try different beers and see which is best for rompage.

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    Red Face (Embarrassed) Fighting


    One thing that you must remember is the more people drink the more figths and chaos you will have on your island.

    This is were the lovely very assertive security guards come in handy. You will want to have more than 5 on hand.

    These security guards help to keep the guests in control and the big plus is they also make you money. Yippeee!

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    how do you get the girl stage and beers and all that stuff in sandbox mode? anyone?? do i have to unlock it or something?

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    Serve nothing but Cape Horn as beer and watch the rompage begin, especially if you kick the strength up a bit. The fights are probably because some bar is serving Thumpers.