Thread: Defeating Dysley in Oerba

Defeating Dysley in Oerba

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    I'm having a ton of trouble trying to beat Dysley in Oerba! My party is Lightning, Snow, and Vanille. He always gets me with that huge attack that puts the disabilities on everyone. Suggestions and advice would be most wonderful . Thank you! HELP

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    I think you need to make use of a good Synergist to buff your party. Hope and Sazh fit the role perfectly.
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    I've played through 13 many times, cause I just love the story! I always use Lightning, Hope, and Fang. I start in Protection and buff with Hope, then switch to Delta Attack, then to Mystic Tower, then to Relentless Assault(or Delta Attack depending on if your party isn't very developed) Repeat.

    He sometimes casts Doom at the end of the battle, that's' when you really have to hurry and go all out.

    Try and make sure they have reached the last crystal in their 3 main roles. MED COM RAV for Lightning, MED SYN RAV for Hope and COM SEN SAB for Fang. Makes things much easier.
    Snow, Vanille and Sazh are more specialization characters. They're only really good at one role. SEN for Snow, MED/SAV for Vanille and SYN for Sazh. That's why Lightning, Hope and Fang are the best all arounders for story battles.

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    hi i had hard time defeating the final boss too. lol

    after some trial and error, here is method that worked for me.

    using light, vanille, hope.

    first use them as rav/syn/sab at the start of the battle. chance to cast few debuff and buffs

    then after the devastating initial attck, switch to med/med/med

    switch to attack mode rav/rav/rav right away.

    when buffs starts to fade shift to med/syn/sab

    repeat steps depends on the situation. this was a long battle, took me like 4~5mins.

    tip* when the boss is staggered, dont force yourself to use the staggered time attack.

    prepare to switch to med/syn/sab or med/med/med when necessary.

    use summon to in a pinch to revive or heal your party.

    happy gaming~

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    Darn... i just realized that you are in Oerba. sorry

    at the time i used light , hope, sahz equipped them with first strike and haste abilities with chain boost weapons

    as said in the above, Fang is very useful in the battle.

    any combination of party members could be used in this battle.

    But, if you are having really hard time. maybe it's time to grind some CP and upgrade your weapon? will be encountering some nasty monsters after.

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    How developed are you? If your characters are mostly around 2500-3000 HP (or less), I highly recommend the use of shrouds (ideally, both Fortisol and Aegisol with a party of Fang/Vanille/Lightning). If you have more HP than that, you can win without shrouds fairly easily using a party of Sazh/Hope/Vanille.

    Either way, there are several things you can do to make this fight easier. First off, do yourself a favor and give everyone a Rainbow Anklet. If you have the spare resources, max them out, but this is not necessary (it is pretty cheap at only 3390 XP). You should have a decent amount of upgrading resources after the missions in Taejin's Tower, and you might have a lot of resources if you got full rewards from the Repair Bhakti sidequest. Now is a good time to invest those resources.

    I like to make Vanille a Malboro Wand (max Belladonna Wand and transform it) regardless of the party I use. Fang should upgrade Taming Pole, Lightning Edged Carbine, Hope Hawkeye. Sazh is best off with Warrior's Wristbands (possibly maxed out) instead of messing with weapon upgrades. Buying Warrior's Wristbands or Sorcerer's Marks is another effective way to raise your stats. Last but not least, defensive accessories like Rune Bracelets (max them if you use them) and the Diamond Bangle can be quite helpful.

    Once you're in the fight, make sure you use the debuffs (and buffs if you're not using shrouds). Deprotect and Deshell have obvious uses. Imperil doubles the rate at which you raise the chain, making it much easier to stagger, and much easier to skyrocket the chain gauge post-stagger. Slow isn't as useful as it could be--Barthandelus winds up with 5 attacking components and Slow only affects one--but it's still pretty good because it slows down the most annoying one.

    Now, anyone familiar with the fight is probably wondering why I'm putting so much emphasis on buffs, because they know that half-way through the fight, Barthandelus starts dispelling all buffs (and debuffs) with a move called Apoptosis. Repeatedly. Regularly. This makes the second half of the fight much more difficult--unless you know a spiffy little trick.

    ***If you read nothing else, read this*** You can preserve all of your buffs through the first use of Apoptosis, and this is generally sufficient to let you kill Barthandelus before his second use of Apoptosis. When Barthandelus splits apart and resets the chain gauge (this happens at half HP), stop whatever you were doing and summon your Eidolon. Skip the summoning animation. Randomly attack until you see Apoptosis coming. Immediately enter Gestalt mode. Skip the animation again. Immediately use your finisher.

    Having the Eidolon out prevents Apoptosis from affecting your non-leader characters. Entering Gestalt mode after Apoptosis starts but before it hits causes it to miss your leader. The animation time counts against your buff duration, which is why I'm telling you to skip them.

    So--buff/shroud, debuff, stagger, drop Barty to half HP, use your Eidolon to dodge Apoptosis, reapply debuffs, stagger, kill.

    With shrouds:

    Without shrouds:

    Detailed analysis:

    Any questions, feel free to ask!


    edit: oh, and stock up on some Mallets, Painkillers, and Foul Liquids!

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    Thank you everyone!

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    I'm stuck on this as well actually. So far I've tried with: Hope, Light, and Fang and my newest combination (after going back and doing some side missions) Light, Hope, and Sazh with numerous paradigms which provide buffering, healing, and attack stratedgies. The farthest I've gotten to defeating him was today with my 2nd battle team. As usual, I took him down to half health and he bestowed Doom on me. Once he was staggered I then summoned Odin to do some additional damage (plus the death timer has no effect in this mode). Afterwards I got him down to 44.8% health before I died once again.... >.>

    All the characters have their starter weapons at max, and their health should be close to 4000. As for their accessories, I'd have to check again, but they should mostly be at max as well. Also, I fought him for about a half hour or so before death.

    I'll try the suggestions above, but I'll gladly take any additional helpful info as well!

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    I touch on this above, but the key to making this fight easier is concentrating large bursts of damage into small windows. Deprotect and Deshell are very strong here--they multiply your damage by 189%. The other huge damage multiplier is of course the chain gauge. Just staggering Barthandelus is pretty good, since that gets you up above 300%, but ideally you want to continue boosting the chain up around 600% or 800%, and then bring in your Commandos for huge damage. To get the chain that high as quickly as possible, you want to employ Imperil, which doubles your chaining rate in this fight.

    The possession of those debuffs--plus her impressive healing abilities--make Vanille the most valuable party member (unless you've made extensive investments into secondary roles). Sazh is very useful for his Haste (and his Blitz if you're willing to control him). All four of the other characters are reasonable additions, but Hope and Lightning stand out thanks to their MED roles.

    At your development level, I'd recommend a party of Lightning/Sazh/Vanille; with Lightning's Cura and your healthy HP totals, you should be tough enough to survive without Hope's defensive buffs. Keep replenshing those debuffs as they fall off or get dispelled. As for buffs, just make sure to keep Haste going; the AI will take much too long to cast Bravery or Faith and your time is limited from Apoptosis to Apoptosis (if you take manual control of Sazh, use Haste-Bravery or Haste-Faith sequences as appropriate). Make sure to use Smart Bomb and Tri-disaster for debuffing and chaining, Aggression for damage, and Discretion or Convalescence for burst healing. The other two paradigms are up to you; just be sure to have Sazh as a SYN somewhere.

    Don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions. Good luck!


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    Thanks Tiornys!!! I'll write this down as soon as possible and try it when I play next.