Thread: This Guild thing and *shock*

This Guild thing and *shock*

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    This Guild thing and *shock*

    Just played karmarama mission and dark hover nuked me on first play, i'll get that bastard. love the scripts for alot of this user missions too. Btw whats this guild everyones talking about? I'm a writer so if you have a place for someone like that maybe i'll join tell me a little about it please Also anyone know how to replace the music for certain rooms like say i wanted so Kylie in the Love Nest (just an example) is there a way to do this coz it would be great customisation, beetoven in the cocktail bar Slipknot in the rough bar! LOL

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    Email from Overmind:
    "So the Yetucyun Guild is frozen once and for all, unless I can find someone else to work with - a project of this scale is just too big for one person, and creativity - true creativity - means having someone to bounce ideas off. An insular approach is the death of creativity."

    As I was creating Overmind unfroze the guild and recruited me as webmaster, which is now the new home of the Yetucyun Guild.
    At the moment the guild is trying to preserve any old work and create some new missions, which is quite alot of work for the pair of us, so guild positions are (as always) open.

    A few weeks ago Overmind was doing quite alot of work into custom music, I was going to make a guide from the all the email I got from him. If you like I can send you everything I have.

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    Custom music is a core research project for the Guild. Naturally, we know just about all there is to know. The conversion process is pretty painful, and to get the full benefit you should have the music stored on your hard drive. About the only thing that is beyond us at present is the creation of custom stereo music. I have applied this knowledge to get a clean recording of the Credits track, which can be found on the Yetucyun Guild site,

    EDIT: Hey! You quoted me! Today is a day for warm feelings, it would appear. Feel free to add it to the website somewhere if you're inclined to boost my ego further.

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    Hi, i have been away for awhile and actually forgot about startopia and this forum. Thing was at the time i posted last i didnt have my own net connection. Then a few months ago i did and i was playing startopia again. But i'm cranking up the old game to play again and remembered this place. In relation to offering creative writing assistance. I'm actually planning to go into university to study Game Creation (Story Development) which incloudes project management and the creative process in games. ANd i'm love to help on any Mods your working on as it'll be good experience for me. Note - i am not skilled in coding or art so i can only help if you need creative writing work done i am avaliable through the following:

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    Hey there. I've just bled startopia almost completely dry and would love to help out with making some decent mods.

    I have a mic, can try and conceal my aussie accent. Never really done any voice work, but I could give it a try...

    More importantly I am a digital artist. While i'm not usually a skin artist, i'm sure I could learn and adapt my skills.

    I am not exactly the most time rich person in the world, but I would help as I could, and i presume that in what i've seen any help is good right?

    Hit me back if you're keen


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    It's been too long since I checked these forums - College work. Yes, you have exactly the talents we're looking for. Don't worry about your accent, we can use it it a character's persona, and for now our only real concern in skinning is with the lovely little deposits the Gems are leaving in Mission 2. It's too pretty and crystalline; we need it looking diseased, real green sickly stuff. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, we just need a colour shift. You can contact us on our Emails, which you'll find on the website - I'm not putting them here because of spam.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and will discuss our long-range plans over more secure channels.

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    Overmind. I've sent you guys an email to that address on the site. look forward to hearing back from you.

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    That's Maximus' address, I don't know how often he checks it. Could you send a carbon copy my way? I'll be able to guarantee a rapid response that way.

    EDIT: It would appear that my Email is not on the site! Something to sort out when there's a dedicated Members page...

    Okay, could you send a carbon copy to targ dot collective at gee male dot com? That's my gmail address. And yes, spambot protection of this severity is needed...

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    email sent

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    Not sure how much this is still alive, but after installing Startopia on my new PC and staring at the new glittery graphics in awe, I've decided I now love Startopia again.

    I'd be happy to help with coding, voices and so on if you ever start doing anything. I've probably got some old half-made missions on my dinosaur comp, which I could dig out and use at some point too.

    Soooo, if you're still alive and this is still a running scheme, post back or e-mail me at some point.

    e-mail: jathir (at) hotmail dot co dot uk

    (following suit from Overmind's posting of his e-mail. No idea why, but whatever)
    I used to be a shiznophrenic, But we're ok now.

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    Originally Posted by Sunrise

    e-mail: jathir (at) hotmail dot co dot uk

    (following suit from Overmind's posting of his e-mail. No idea why, but whatever)
    There are bots that "trawl" forums hunting email addresses to add to spam lists. Email addresses (much like other personal details) are worth money to people.

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    So, anyway, is this idea still alive? Or just some reminiscing of the good old days of muffin wars and sky goats?
    I used to be a shiznophrenic, But we're ok now.