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Thread: Keyboard Controls

Keyboard Controls

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    We deeply apologize for the trouble. It seems you are using a computer configuration that we, unfortunately, do not support. Final Fantasy VII and many of our games, though they may work, were designed to be played on a Windows PC without using a virtualization. You may want to see if some forums around the internet have some suggestions or perhaps another user has been able to get the game working with the same virtualization as yours.

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    Thanks for the reply, as useless as it is. I know enough about virtualization, programming, and the dark side of computers to know that this answer is ridiculous; Final Fantasy VII should be doing absolutely NOTHING that relates to the limitations of virtualization, and something must be really wacky in the source code for this to not work if it does work in non-virtualized Windows 7. For the record, I set up a VM with Windows XP and it works just fine. So, aparently virtualization isn't the problem. Thanks anyway for trying.

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    Keyboard Not Working

    I updated my game today, haven't played in a while. Afterwards, the game loads, but the keyboard keys won't work now. I have the option of new game and continue, and nothing I press works. The keyboard is functioning in all other programs, in Windows, etc. Help!!

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    I am having similar issues. Just bought the game from Steam, but I can't even get to new game\continue. Just the credits screen.

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