Thread: the "Girl-Girl-Girl" stage

the "Girl-Girl-Girl" stage

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    the "Girl-Girl-Girl" stage

    I can't get couples romp on the beach, how can i do it?

    What kind of strength should i set the beer? and which type?


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    Cool Girls! Girls! Girls!


    Things to keep in mind when playing this level.

    1. Represenatives are a must have!

    2. You want to make sure that the female ratio is a little more than the male on the isle. This may mean that you have to get rid of some manly items.

    3. As far as the beer try setting it about 3/4 of the way to the end. Remember the stronger the drink the more security guards you will need.

    4. Women (girls) like flowers. You can never have enough fountains or scenery items.

    Also remember keep the people happy,this means give them whatever they want!

    I hope this helps.

    Remember it can be done and you can do it. Good Luck!!!

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    oops, I can do it well except getting the couples have a romp on the beach. I can just get 2 couples successed, is there any problems?

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    im with soulvee on this one can get like 200+ ppl on the island 46% men 54% women, rating of 4+ stars and 8 only 8 romps beer has been moved to 3/4 way up prices lowered a bit hired a couple more cops, lots of rep's around, everyone likes the scenery, but noo romps eat and drink and litter thats all they wanna do

    gonna try again but its real frustrating

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    Check which beer you are sell (one brand sounds like it is "friendlier" ) and how many venues you have open at night. The little buggers seem to like to romp more at night.