Thread: Do you like snow?

Do you like snow?

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    Smile Do you like snow?

    I have started a new fanmission. It's funny, in Germany we have summer and it is hot, but I'm only thinking of snow.....

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    Great Screenies!

    I love snowy missions, the last I played (Old Comrads, Old Debts), had gained much atmosphere from snowing in a yard.
    Snowy missions are also: Croms Blade, Calendra's Legacy, beginning of 7th Crystal ...

    And I hope we will soon see Winter Harvest (by MaJiC)!

    Snowy is great, because it was little used from the original missions and fits very well to the "dark" atmosphere of the Thief Series. And rain (esp. with thunder) is a complete different feeling ("Rocky Horror Show Feeling"), more sutable for an undead mission...
    Also very sunny missions (like Stowawy or TTGM: Up Creek) give an intersting atmoshere.

    Keep only in mind, the wather effects should fit to your mission.

    I have some panoshots of Snow from "The 7th Crystal". Click on Thief II Fan Missions and scroll down to "The 7th Crystal" and the panoshots of the Entrance and Yards.

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    It looks terrific, Christine! I'm SOOOOO glad you decided to start another mission. I like snowy missions, but then I like pretty much all missions, now don't I?

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    Big Grin Beautiful Christine!!!!!!!!!

    Your FMs are always a delight (pleasure) to play... you go girl I'm looking forward to a cold crisp night of taffin in the snow especially today 'cuz it's about 100 degrees F heh


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    Another mission already! Cool. BTW, I like snow too.

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    I've never taffed in the snow but it is a beautiful screenshot - I presume that Garrett would leave tell-tale snowprints? I look forward to the challenge.

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    Ooh...Sexy screenies...More please.

    Yes those certainly are nice looking screenshots Christine. I have a tendency to go all gummie inside when I spy ones filled with nice little gable ends. I'm working on a snowy town mission myself, but instead of going for a snug nighttime mission with lots of warm looking households, I've opted for a stark daytime look with a mininal palette. I spent the best part of a Sunday trying to decide which style I wanted, but it looks like I'll be able to have my cake and eat it.

    Is this FM going to be part of your series? I've only played the first two so far so I might need to get my skates on if you carry on banging out missions at your current rate!

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    WOW those are simply amazing..I really wish I could produce FMs that beautifull..I just like killing Garrett in mine..LOL Keep up the great work..So I don't have to..
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    Gotta love them.

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    Lyril Guest
    Yes, please, snow is so atmospheric.
    I'm so glad you're making another FM, - I really loved the last ones.

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    Thank you all, I'm glad that you like it.
    This mission is not part of my series, I'm making it for the Night Falcon Campaign (german Teamproject). It's my second mission for this project.
    Hmm.... I like the idea with the snowprints for Garrett, as far as I know it's not possible in Dromed, but it would look cool

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    Very pretty.
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    That's very fine see a little update of Falcon :-)

    Yes, weather effects are really nice to experience as you go through different missions...and I especially liked the rain/thunder found in "Raid on Washout Cental" as well as all the snow type levels that have been made Keep up the good work Chris and will be still waiting around to experience this coop your assisting with Ta and Good Hunting!
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    Cristen you've done it agian! You are simply a talented Dromed user. I am sorry to hear you re'nt making this FM for your Lord Ashton series becuase I really liked that series! But you still will add another FM on to that seris with Leon right? I hope so. Anyway will you be getting this FM translated to so we can enjoy the creative wonders of your mind? I can't wiat to see what this series is about!

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    As always, they look fantastic. Christine, I loved your missions, this looks great as well. Snow is great!
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    Thank you, I'm glad that you like it.