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Return Of The Frog

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    Big Grin Return Of The Frog

    Hello Hello

    It is I KrazyKermit, its nice to visit this lovely forum again, I do enjoy the new setup, I wonder if my old friends are still here....Anyhow, I found my old Startopia cd and reinstalled it, so I decided to come back here. I hope my presence is still wanted. Hahaha

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    All you're Pure Heart are belong to us.

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    Hahaha seems Deathbusters is still here....I wonder if my nemesis MoS is still lurking about...

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    Welcome to Loap Reemald Annex.
    V I S I O N T H I N G, rest in peace.

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    Big Grin Welcome back

    Welcome to Sector Zeta-Plural MkII, the new and improved StarTopia forums

  6. Hello Welcome! I've been waiting for you to return.

    <Mutters into collar>

    Attention; being formally known as KrazyKermit, you shal be termi-

    Hello Alpha, didn't see you there. Anyway, welcome back, Krazy, missed ya.

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    Kermit! *waddles around excitedly* Of course, now why did you abandone us in the first place??

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    Well, it just seems school and work didn't make time for my old chums, but I'm back, I see that good ol Mucky Foot is doing good as well. You can expect to see me at the RPGs, but only Arctics, Draco's, and a few others worthy of my skill, MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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    Welcome back to the new and improved.