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Thread: Kingdom Hearts III Worlds

Kingdom Hearts III Worlds

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    In addition to all the worlds mentioned above I'd like to see some Buzz Light Year of Star Command action in KH3. If it's possible to have multiple worlds for one series Sora and friends should travel to different planets like Trade World, Flamar, Jo-Ad, Canis Lunis, Bathyos, the Star Command ship and Planet Z.

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    Everything has not run its course, what about Robin Hood, Sword and the Stone, Pocahantas, maybe Mickeys House of Mouse, Aladdin had a 3rd movie called the King of Thieves with his dad and not to mention a bunch of spin off they can use from tv series KH III can be one of the biggest games in history if it keeps to the Disney mythology and timeline, new Disney movies and shows are a must also, Frozen, Croods, a bunch of others

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    Worlds that I like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3:

    Robin Hood;
    Party members - Robin Hood
    Villains - Prince John and his henchmen
    Summon - Little John and Friar Tuck

    St. Canard from the Darkwing Duck cartoon;
    Party members - Darkwing and Quiverwing
    Villains - Fearsome Five, F.O.W.L., basically all the villains from the Darkwing cartoons
    Summon - Morgana, Neptunia and Stegmutt

    Duckburg from the Ducktales cartoon;
    Party members - Gizmoduck
    Villains - Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell
    Summon - Launchpad

    Party members - Baloo and Kit
    Villains - Don Karnage and his air pirates
    Summon - Louie and Wildcat

    Worlds my sisters would like to see:

    New York from the Gargoyles cartoon;
    Party members - Goliath
    Villain - Demona and the hunter
    Summon - The Manhattan Clan

    Party members - Bonkers
    Villains - all the villains from the Bonkers cartoon
    Summon - Lucky, Miranda and Fall Apart Rabbit

    Final Fantasy characters that I like to see:
    Main heroes of Final Fantasy 1 - 6
    Cait Sith from 7 (can be a summon)
    Zidane from 9
    Vaan from 12
    Lightning from 13
    Sazh from 13
    I also like to see Final Fantasy characters that were previously in the other Kingdom Hearts games to be back in Kingdom Hearts 3.
    And to have a cute chocobo for Sora or Riku to ride on.

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    What about Gravity Falls?

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    I can see it now dipper and mabel trying to read about heartless while stan and soos hold them off then sora drops from the sky and starts fighting them. takes sora and friends to the mystery shack and they start talking about their situation and the boss at the end Bill Cipher! and you could like have dipper and mablel on your team and after you beat the world you get like wendy or soos as a summon that sounds amazing to me! what do you think about it?

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