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Thread: 3LW becomes 2LW

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    3LW becomes 2LW

    not that i like 3LW, i've just never thought they would end up like TLC:

    quoted from

    "It seems that three little women are now down to two.

    On Wednesday (August 21), 3LW's Naturi Naughton, with her lawyer in tow, told New York City radio jock Wendy Williams that she has been forced out of the group.

    With just over one month to go before the release of the trio's second album, A Girl Can Mack (see "3LW Working Overtime Before Macking" ), a number of canceled appearances had fueled rumors of discord between Naughton and the other members, Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon.

    Naughton said she had received repeated complaints about her performance, her image and her loyalty to the group from 3LW's management, which, coincidentally, is run by Kiely's legal guardian, Michelle Williams — no relation to the Destiny's Child member.

    Naturi, 18, said that the dealbreaker (or triobreaker, as it were) came when Kiely threw a plate of food into her face after a particularly heated argument in South Carolina, prompting her to immediately fly back to her hometown in New Jersey.

    At presstime, there is no official response from the remaining two-thirds of 3LW. Naughton claimed that an understudy has already been training to replace her.

    The group's label, Epic Records, and their road manager declined to comment."

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    hmm i figured somethin like that wuld happen...just like destiny's child..i like destiny's child better than 3l::ehem:: 2lw

    that was kinda random tho cuz i havent heard any new songs by them for a while now!

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    Such as shame, they have a new ablum coming out as well as a hit single.

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    Really?.....that came out of nowhere....but im confused about one thing?...which is the girl that left?, i dont know them by name, was it the black girl with the short hair, the girl with the really curly hair or the black girl with the long straight hair?

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    Naturi was the girl that left. She is black wiht short hair.

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    What a tragedy!!!???
    So if you're by and you have the time...tell the Northern Lights to keep shining. Lately it seems like they're drowning.

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    They all come out of the same plastic vat, don't they?

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    Originally posted by DaveJ
    They all come out of the same plastic vat, don't they?
    Thank the almighty for DaveJ. He sees things for how they really are. I'm with you on this one, LOL!

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    Originally posted by cowboy from hell

    Thank the almighty for DaveJ. He sees things for how they really are.

    It's the webcams! He's everywhere!!!

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    ...who are they then?

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    3LW are an R&B group, well i dont know if they are full R&B be thats how most of there music sounds.
    There not like this hugely popular group, most people know them but usually people dont know them by name....only by song.
    They sang that song recently with Naughty By Nature.

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