Thread: Theaterhythm Final Fantasy teaser site opens

Theaterhythm Final Fantasy teaser site opens

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    New Theaterhythm Final Fantasy? iOS port? New DLC? Discuss down below.

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    My husband and I think it sounds like Shinra's Theme playing with the music notes. Maybe some more FF7 music? Or new character? (Zack?)

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    Very interesting. Could it be a sequel or a port? The first one did do very well, so either is possible. But, with what happened with TWEWY, I'm thinking it's a port to iOS.

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    It's an iOS port. New songs, new characters, and a level edit mode, but stages seem limited to BMS and FMS only.

    EDIT: And it's out (in Japan) right now. >:O

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    It is now out in North America on iOS. The characters you can buy ($1.99 each, what a ripoff...) that AREN'T unlockable in the 3DS game are: Celes, Tifa, Rinoa, Garnet, Auron, Balthier, Hope, Ramza and Serah. I don't think there are any different songs from what are either in the original game or what you can purchase as DLC in the original game. I seemed to recognize all the titles.

    It would be nice if the characters were available as DLC on the 3DS version, I'm more inclined to buy a couple for my already bought-and-paid-for game...