Thread: Anyone There???

Anyone There???

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    Anyone There???

    All I can hear is the whistling wind and all I can see is a few stray pieces of tumbleweed rolling on by.


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    Grey Mouser Guest
    No one here but us cats...

    dodges tumbleweed

    ...but we are looking forward to the next Fear Effect around here, too!

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    You scared the hell out of me

    How's life in good old San Francisco?
    I have spent lots of time in that part of the world.

    I fisrt learnt to Skydive in Cloverdale and I worked with a rather high profile effects company for a while in San Rafael.

    Blue Ones!!!

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    I was in San Rafael (20 miles North of SF, for those not living in the Golden State) yesterday, and it was about 20 degrees warmer than in The City proper.

    Note to anyone who visits the Bay Area - always take a t-shirt and a sweater everywhere you go.

    Or a cocktail dress and a sweater if you like to dress like Hana

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    ...& a nose clip for 'Mission St'

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    Big Grin


    hehe...any more news on when the next FE game will see light of day?

    I probably should check in on the main forum.....

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    Originally posted by DaveJ

    hehe...any more news on when the next FE game will see light of day?

    Mouser leaps 6 feet straight up, eyes dilated, ears flat and looking three times normal size

    Oh! Hi there DaveJ...I did not see you from behind the tumbleweeds...I was just...startled...not that I was asleep or anything...

    No news yet on the next FE, other than that it will be for PS2. The trailers I saw at E3 were pretty cool, but they were just educated guess is that it will not be done for a while.

    I intend to post any sightings here tho'...make a little more noise when you come in next time

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    I looooove fear effect.

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    Thumbs Up

    I downloaded that trailer too....very cool looking.

    As much as I love the first two games, I always wanted to see what that style of anime/graphics gaming would look like on a PS2.

    I'll wear my noisy boots in future so you'll know when I'm in the 'hood.

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    Blue Skies walks on tippy toes around the FE Forum Members planning the ultimate scare.............


    Scared Ya???
    "Aha!" - Lara Croft (1996).........."Arrrghhhh!" (2016)
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    It looks like everyone left.

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    It's hard to get people excited when there's such a LACK of info regarding it, which probably won't change until E3 on May 12. Also, hopefully, an EIDOS sub-site for it will be coming soon too.

    FYI: Wendee Lee, who is Hana's VA, is also in the new game Xenosaga as Mary.

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    ...Really? I didn't like her voice. The fake southern accent probably made it bad though. They couldn't get the original voice actress? Or is she the original? (I don't remember)

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    I don't understand your question. For Xenosaga she's the original VA because it's the first time that character was used.

    This site is an excellent source for finding out what other games/shows/etc. various voice actors have been in:

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    I'm talking about Hana. Was she the voice actress for Hana in Fear Effect 1 & 2 or is she new?

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    Don't know about the first one but she was Hana in FE 2.

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    Ah, okay. I was hoping she was in one of the others so her voice wouldn't be dramatically different.